Like That First Taste All Over Again (Escudo Navy Deluxe in a Göverm Meerschaum Cutty)


You remember the first ever taste of tobacco from your first ever pipe?  I imagine, like a junkie’s first high, you spend much your pipe smoking hobby chasing that first bowl.  Well, I found it!

When I seriously started researching pipe tobacco smoking, I discovered Turkish Meerschaum, and everyone told me that it was the best smoke you could have.

It was with that in mind that I went searching for my first meerschaum.

My first meerschaum I bought on eBay, and it was a vintage bulldog that I have to treat with ginger care.

So, when I discovered this pipe on eBay, and well within a price I can afford, I immediately began bidding.  Much to my dismay, the pipe was sniped out from under me at the last-minute for 50¢ higher than my highest bid.  Well, you can imagine my frustration when I found out that fellow Okanagan pipe smoker, and pipe club member, Tad Seymour, thought he was doing the pipe club a favour, and snagged the pipe to keep in the valley.

Any ways, it didn’t take us long to reach an agreement, and after the last pipe club meeting, the pipe was mine.

2014-04-21 01.36.41

So, enough about how I acquired the pipe.  When I filled the pipe with two rubbed out bullseyes of Escudo Navy Deluxe, and lit up, I was delighted to be greeted with that same taste, like my first ever bowl of tobacco.  Perhaps my taste buds aren’t what they used to be, subdued and tired but the smoke from the brand new meerschaum was clean, and untainted by that woody taste of the briar.

I took the pipe to my wife’s study to ask her what she thought of the room note, and she described it as, “in a word “spicy””.  She did say it was a pleasant spicy.

As for the taste, Escudo Navy Flake is a classic Virginia/Perique with a high quantity of Perique in the mix.  This makes for a very spicy, slightly sour smoke, that I find quite enjoyable.

I sat puffing on the pipe for a good 20 minutes, and noticed that it smokes cleanly with no dottle, though it did leave me a little buzzing.

In the end, I found the meerschaum to be, perhaps, the most enjoyable smoke I have ever had.  It was just like that first taste of all over again.

You can get Escudo Navy Deluxe and, HERE, for $9.91 USD for a 50 gram tin.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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