The Plot Thickens (Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake on a Falcon Friday)



Recently, I embarked on an adventure to sample as many different flakes as I can get my hands on.  After reviewing Peter Stokkebye’s Luxury Bullseye Flake a few weeks ago, I was eager to get my hands on another flake from Stokkebye, and my choice was this or a Va-Per flake, and I am trying to expand my horizons into the realm of aromatics.

So, when I sat down to do this review, it was about lunchtime on Falcon Friday and I opened the bag to a light scent of caramel and sweet Virginias.

One of the twisted cut, squarish flakes is enough to fill the chamber of my Falcon #4, with a billiard bowl,
2014-03-08 23.45.28
and I expect a clean, cool, dry smoke like I am always treated to on Falcon Fridays.

Well, I am not disappointed.

The pure Virginia flake, lightly cased in a caramel-like topping lights easily, and burns cleanly, and the Falcon smokes cool and dry, just like I expected.

The room note is so mild that I can’t even smell it, but I am given to understand that it is quite pleasant, lightly fruity, and gently sweet.

Much the same can be said about the tobacco itself, the taste is very mild, pleasant, fruity, and sweet.  However, the tobacco is also quite satisfying.  Being of Virginia strain, the nicotine content is quite high, naturally, and the tobacco has enough oomph to it to scratch that itch.

I spent about half an hour puffing away on the pipe, and wondering why this review was so short in words?  I concluded, that this tobacco was like a good classic book, or novella.  Simple, and elegant, it conveys its message without the need for ceremony, or flashy covers.

So, what more is there to say, this book writes itself, and invites you to read it.  All I can say is, try it, you won’t be disappointed, I am certain I will put it on my rotation.

You can get it from, HERE, for $2.20 to $3.67 USD per ounce depending on quantity ordered.

You can also get it from, HERE, for as low as $1.59 USD per ounce if you order 2 pounds at a time (for $50.88 USD).

Falcon kits are available from Glynn Quelch at for export outside the EU for $34.99 to $40.59 USD ($37.78 to $43.83 AUD), stems themselves available for about $18.00 to $24.00 USD (about $20.00 to $25.00 AUD), and bowls varying between about $17.00 and $33.00 USD ($18.50 and $35.50 AUD)

Within the EU, the kits are available for £24.99 to £28.99 (€30.35 to €35.21), stems available for about £12.99 to £16.99 (€15.78 to €20.63), and bowls running you about £12.25 to £23.50 (€14.88 to €28.54), also from GQTobaccos.


Stock up now, you’re sure to want some later.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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