Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Two Bowls Full (Rotary Navy Cut in a Vintage Kaywoodie Carved Billiard)


When my local pipe and cigar club held its inaugural meeting, my wife won the door prize for a new tin of tobacco, and cob.  Being the sweetheart that she is, she immediately gave the cob to our hubby, and told me to dig into the Rotary Navy Cut at my leisure.

So, when a review came due, and I had no new tobaccos to review, I took her up on her offer, and grab two flakes from her tin, which was plain, unadorned, and left much the imagination, and sat down to write the review.

The tin note, though mild, can be described as fruitcake like, rum and natural tobacco.

As with most of my reviews, I start by looking up the tobacco online

Blended by Kohlhase, Kopp and Co., had this to say about it;

A Virginia blend of three different lightly sweet and very mild tobaccos together with an exceptionally mild top flavour make this light and mellow tobacco, which can be smoked throughout the day. When fully rubbed out this tobacco develops its typical full-bodied sweet aroma.

Since the description recommended that I smoke the tobacco rubbed out, I rubbed out the first bowl, with about ¾ flake, and packed it with my Czech tool, finding the moisture levels perfect right out of the tin.  The tobacco smoked very cool, with almost negligible tongue bite, and the subtle flavours coming out in the blend.

2014-04-27 06.38.06

In this first bowl, the tobacco smoked to almost trivial dottle, and the pipe performed magnificently, smoking dry and clean.

I didn’t smoke the second bowl until much later.

This time, being a bit of a rebel, I chose to take another ¾ flake and fold and stuff it.

What I found was, the tobacco was more hard to keep lit then when it was rubbed out, and burned hotter, with more tongue bite, and the nuances were harder to pick out.

It was still a decent smoke however, and the room note is mild and unassuming.

In both cases, rubbed out and folded and stuffed the tobacco lacked the depth of flavour that I’ve found in some flakes, possessing great high notes but falling short on the low notes.  I suspect this is due to the fact that this is a pure Virginia flake, as I am not very familiar with them.

Overall, a decent smoke, though not very exciting.  Worth a try, I doubt I’ll get it again.

You can get it from, HERE, for $10.90 USD per tin, or $12.38 USD per tin if you buy it from, HERE.

Smoke  ‘em if you got  ‘em!

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