Hidden Jewel of Canada! (Laly’s Smoke Shop in Hamilton, ON, Canada)

It seems that the Greater Toronto Area has made the news!  Finally, the world is talking about something going on in Canada!  And what, pray tell, is the world talking about?…

Canada’s Crack Addicted, Alcoholic, Woman Beating Political Leader!

Good job, Toronto!

So, you can imagine, that while I was in Hamilton, it was the big talk.

Well, I want to bring your attention off the city of Toronto and more on to the city of Hamilton.

One of the pipe smoking laws is, if you live within 50 miles (80 kilometres) of a tobacconist that specializes in your tobacco of choice (pipe or cigar) you must frequent their business at least four times a year, monthly if they are within 10 miles (16 kilometres).

Well this hidden jewel, is only 47 miles (76 kilometres) from both Toronto and Niagara Falls, NY, so if you’re in the area, you have no excuse!

From downtown Hamilton, take the number 21 bus from MacNab station, or anywhere along its route, take in the beautiful mansions on James Mountain road and get off the bus at Fennel at east 43rd street.

Cross the street to the north, and tucked in between a travel agent (selloffvacations.com) and a pizza joint (Pizza Pizza), that amazingly does not advertise selling wings as well, you will find Laly’s Smoke Shop.9

Established in 1992, and then renovated 10 years later, Laly’s is able to offer a “one stop shop for all your smoking needs.” Providing over 500 different cigar types, 100 different Zippo lighters, 50 different types of rolling papers, dozens of tins and pouches of pipe tobacco, and all the major Canadian cigarette brands, they certainly live up to that statement.


The shop’s owner/proprietor, Sal, greets each customer with a cheerful and hearty hello as they enter, and you know that this would be the sort of place that would house a couple of old timers in easy-back chairs puffing, merrily, on their pipes, if such a thing was allowed in Canada.

The counter sits on the north side of the east-west oriented room, and a great selection of humidors lines the south wall.  With “Death Sticks” safely hidden away by Canadian law, you are free to enjoy the great choice of cigars, the smell of which is prevalent in the room.

Everywhere you turn, you take in a pipe, a humidor, a cigar, an ashtray, a tool, or some other such smoking paraphernalia, and the atmosphere is so relaxed that you feel like taking your time and observing and taking in everything there is to see.

Don’t worry about Sal, he is more than happy to answer questions, open humidors, or just let you take in his shop.

Then, what will amaze you, is the prices!  Cigarette prices that are competitive with supermarkets and drugstores, and great prices on cigars from all over the cigar making world, including Habanos.

A great selection of pipes, including the classic Canadian Brighams, among others, with excellent prices, and though he does not sell bulk tobacco, or tobacco blends, there is an ample selection of tobacco tins to suit your smoking needs, at first-rate prices.storewide

The shop’s owner is both knowledgeable and friendly, and while he is out to make a buck, it is obvious from the prices that, he is not trying to milk you.

To our American pipe and cigar smoking siblings, you’re never going to beat American prices, but if you are in Canada anyway, you can get a decent price on a Cuban cigar.

Thanks again to Sal, for making our trip to Hamilton somewhat fun!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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