Full of Surprises (Dunhill Flake in a Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur Cob)



Ever since I’ve seen the MacArthur cob, I have wanted one of the ridiculous looking things.  So I was quite surprised to receive one in the mail, and even more surprised by the pipe itself.

Being a “cheap” pipe, I felt it necessary to load it with expensive tobacco and having just received a great deal from smokingpipes.com on 4 tins of Dunhill Flake, I figured I could waste some in the huge bowl of the cob.  So, I immediately began rubbing out some flakes.


That’s where the first surprise came in.  Well, aside from receiving the pipe itself.  The, apparently, huge bowl of the pipe only holds two full flakes of tobacco.  I have other pipes that have bowls of similar size.  This one is just long and deep.

So, filling the bowl with two flakes, I struck my lighter and lit up.  I should mention that you have to use a tamper on this pipe, the bowl is simply too deep to use a finger on.

As an aside, since I take a lot of flak for using a lighter, I would like to point out that the kerosene lighter has existed longer than the friction-headed match, so people have been lighting pipes and cigars with lighters longer than they have been using wooden matches.

Any ways, smokingpipes.com has this to say about the tobacco;

Medium strength flake of selected grades of Lemon and Bronze Virginias. One of Dunhill`s most expert blends of highest quality.

Now, the thing about Virginia flakes is, they tend to be high in sugar, especially Lemon Virginias.  This means, that in addition to building up high carbon cake, the tobacco has a tendency to burn hot and that can cause it to be a little “bitey.”

However, whether it was due to the tobacco itself or due to the long draught of the pipe, the tobacco burned cool and un-bitey, again, a surprise.

It did, however, take me about an hour to smoke the whole bowl, which was no surprise.

I didn’t much get into the tin note or room note because the tobacco is Virginia flake, it smells like, well, tobacco.  However, if you are a person who enjoys the smell of tobacco, the tin note is bright and fruity and the room note is light and smoky.

When I finished the bowl, which went out a few times, the pipe tapped out easily enough, and was still remarkably cool.

Two flakes are enough to get an experienced smoker a little buzzed, so I recommend you go easy on the tobacco.

In the end, Dunhill flake maybe a little expensive for me to have on constant rotation, but you can get from smokingpipes.com, HERE, for $10.35 USD per tin.

The pipe is available from pipesandcigars.com, HERE, for $13.95 USD.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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