Not Worth Calling Potlatch About (Natural American Spirit Perique Blend Hand Rolled Cigarettes)


Just the other day I had the opportunity to sit and enjoy a pipe with Tad Seymour, and Sable Aradia and sample a few new blends of tobacco.

It just so happened, that Tad had just returned from a shaman conference and had acquired some Native American Spirit Perique Blend roll-your-own tobacco.

Well, being a Perique fan, I loaded up a cob and began chuffing merrily away.

The first thing I noticed what the tobacco was that it was very, very dry.  More dry, in fact, than most cigarette rolling tobaccos I am familiar with.  And the bag note was almost nonexistent.

Also, the Perique in the blend overpowers the lighter Virginias, even though it is only a 1/5 Perique blend, rendering it almost un-smokable in a pipe.  Both Tad and Sable, who were similarly trying the blend, agreed that in a pipe you could not smoke this.

Disappointed, Tad was going to take the tobacco and throw it in his “shit” jar, where he mixes un-smokable tobaccos, hoping to make something smokable.  However, having not done a cigarette review in a while I offered to trade him the tobacco so that I can roll into cigarettes as it was intended (it even comes with rolling papers) and review it that way.

So, I got my hubby to roll me two cigarettes, and sat down to do the review of them.

At first impression, the cigarette smoke decently, though the dry tobacco burned a little quickly.  The cigarette was strong, almost too strong.  I felt the need to put the cigarette out about halfway, so I handed it off to Jamie, who got the same impression I get, burns fast, too strong.

However, when he finished the cigarette, his impression was that it grows on you, and the tobacco would be just fine mixed with something milder like Cavendish.

So, I spent some time reflecting, and lit up the other cigarette.  Ultimately, I got the same impression, the tobacco grows on you, even if it is a little strong, and blended with something mild would be a nice blend.

Fortunately, I just happened I have a couple of ounces of pure black Cavendish, so I am awaiting the mixture to age, but what I’ve tried of it is good.

As a cigarette, mediocre.  As a pipe tobacco, un-smokable.  But blended with Cavendish, not bad.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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