God Save The Queen! (McClelland Collectors Jubilee in a Rick Black Custom Dublin)

003-041-0100          When I first saw McClelland Jubilee on smokingpipes.com, HERE, for $8.93 USD a per tin, I immediately began to research to see what jubilee this could be referring to. The first thing was the description of the tobacco;

The finest in Matured Virginias, blended with premium Latakia, delicate Turkish leaf and precious Louisiana Perique. A blend that should age very well in the tin.

          Well, jubilee could refer to the assumption that after 50 years (the most common age for a jubilee) this tobacco would be very well aged indeed.

2014-03-09 12.09.51          On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth II of England began her reign on the 6th of February 1952 becoming Head of the Commonwealth and Queen Regnant of seven independent commonwealth countries at the young age of 26.  2012 marked her 60th anniversary as queen and her Diamond Jubilee.  This marks Elizabeth II as the second longest reigning monarch, with Queen Victoria having reigned for 64 years, and being the only other monarch in English history to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

That, is what I think it represents.

          So, a pipe tobacco of such prestige, deserves an equally prestigious pipe, hence I chose the All American pipe maker, Rick Kopf and his custom Dublin for the job. The tin note of the tobacco is sweet and sour, and slightly fruity.  Tobacco itself is moist, though not overly so, and packs well into the pipe with a custom tamper that Rick sent me. Rick is an American patriot, and has posted an American flag on his website (which is HERE), though I doubt he would be offended to have his pipe associated with the Head of the Commonwealth.

Back to the review;

          The tobacco draws cleanly through the great pipe, and the taste is fabulous, fruity and peppery, sweet and sour. The Balkan blend burns cleanly and evenly with very little dottle left at the bottom of bowl. My one complaint, if I can be said to have one, is that tobacco burns hot, but I find that many Balkans do. Overall, the tobacco is not too strong, and doesn’t leave you feeling buzzed after a bowl. I find that I’ve gone through most of the can, with the help of my mates, so I’ll probably buy another to age and see how it ages.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

By: Erin McRoy

Erin is the founder and editor-in-chief of Smoking Jacket Magazine. He began smoking a pipe a few years ago and found it a relaxing and invigorating experience that he really enjoyed. As a gentleman and an aficionado, he has spent the last few years perfecting his technique and studying the different nuances of pipe smoking, cigar smoking, hookah smoking and smoking in general.

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