Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About (McClelland – Frog Morton’s Cellar) #MiddleEarthIsReal

McClelland - Frog Morton's Cellar (Craftsbury Series)

McClelland – Frog Morton’s Cellar (Craftsbury Series)

          Today is a great day for a tobacco review. I was blessed with the perfect opportunity for a slow and leisurely smoke. I sat on my deck in the warm sun and soaked in every passing moment, not looking forward to the next, or missing the last. Just being present.

          I jumped at the chance to open my first tin of Frog Morton’s Cellar by McClelland, what a treat. For those who didn’t catch the Tolkien reference, in Middle Earth, Frogmorton is village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. I was unable to find the reason McClelland chose this name for the series, but to me Frogmorton sounds like a place they would produce some fine pipe weed.

           The tin note is sweet yet spicy with a light but distinctive smell from the Latakia and the whiskey casing. I was presently surprised to find a block of whiskey barrel wood in the tin as well. I packed the bowl of my Stanwell lovat and found the tobacco had the perfect moisture. It packed well and produced a wonderful thick smoke right from the first light. I found the flavour to be between light and medium strength but with good body and balanced character. There was no tongue bite at all, and it left a nice taste of pepper and a hint of leather in my mouth.The nicotine is also on the light side, but with this blend I did not mind. That just means next time I will smoke a larger bowl, probably in my Ben Wade freehand. Maybe that will give me the kick I was looking for. My only complaint is that it burned a bit hot, and I found myself holding my pipe by its stem. Maybe that was only because I was puffing away like an eager schoolboy. It burned well all the way to the end, leaving very little dottle with absolutely no excess moisture to gurgle annoyingly at the end of such a great smoke.

          This is one of my favourites and I will order this again in a larger quantity. I will also look forward to testing out other blends in the Frog Morton series. You can find this blend for a good price at, HERE,

“I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” – Albert Einstein

Smoke and be happy my friends,

By: Tad Seymour

Tad has been smoking cigars as a hobby for the past 15 years and took up pipe smoking a little over a year ago, though you would never know it by his large pipe and tobacco collection. His hobbies include golf, soccer, camping, reading, mead making and brewing, the occasional video game, and sharing a love of quality tobaccos with his friends.


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