ROMEO by Romeo Y Julieta Piramides Review

Brand: Romeo Y Julieta

Size: 6 1/8″ x 52

Shape: Piramides    

Wrapper: Ecuador

Origin: Dominican Republic   

Price: $7.50

          I have had about 15 ROMEO by Romeo Y Julieta sticks sitting and aging in my humidor for about two years now. I really like the stick and its interesting that I seldom pick one up and smoke it. Its an unfortunate habit of mine to constantly go for the same sticks, even though I have a decent variety available at my disposal.

          Nonetheless, this cigar is a highly rated stick and it deserves its time in the spotlight. I came home today from one of my university exams and I thought that I will finally take one of these great stogies out for a test drive. Right when I pulled it out of the cellophane an aroma of hay and spice filled my senses. I actually spent a whole 40 minutes just walking around and smelling the thing before I finally decided to give it a good snip with my guillotine and toast the foot with my butane lighter.

          The appearance of the cigar itself is divine! It has a uniform dark brown colour with tight and invisible seams and complimented by a slightly toothy texture.

First 3rd (1/3) – 35 min

          Although the pack of the cigar is firm, It was very light, which lead me to be surprised given how long the first third of the cigar lasted. I was meet with an almost overwhelming bouquet of black pepper and pistachios. The flavours were very bold and very pronounced, however, the finish did not last as long as one would think given the flavour composition.  Even with the slow burn, the cigar managed to pump out a massive volume of smoke. It appears that this stick is displaying all of the best qualities of a great cigar!

Second 3rd (2/3) – 40 min

          I was surprised even more when the cigar transitioned to the second third. This third lasted even longer than the first and yet produced a large volume of smoke as well! Nonetheless, there was a noticeable transition in flavours. The black pepper subsided and it was replaced by a nut and espresso combination. Also, the finish lasted noticeably longer as my mouth was coated with a slick, oily texture which helped the flavours to persist on my palette.

Final 3rd (3/3) – 30 min

          The finale of this cigar was a pleasant ending to a wonderful and dynamic smoke. Although the flavour profile did not change; it was still espresso and nuts, it regardless mellowed out into a more calming and richer experience. This mellowing of flavours allows for the more sensitive palette to focus and distinguish the various and interconnected flavours.

Total Smoke Time: 1h 45min

The Verdict

          The ROMEO by Romeo Y Julieta is a beautifully constructed and well balanced stick. The transitioning of flavours and the eventual mellowing out of the profile was indicative of the quality. My only grip was that the band of the cigar used a glob of glue rather then the new, and more modern sticker bands that eliminate the possibility of ruining the wrapper.  On the Leather Library’s 10 Point Stogie Scale the ROMEO by Romeo Y Julieta gets a:


 By: Steven Umbrello

Steven Umbrello is a student of philosophy and an avid cigar and pipe smoker. He has been smoking cigars and pipes for over five years and has made it his mission to learn as much about the industry as possible. He has attended some high profile cigar events and is a leading member of the Toronto Cigar Club.  You can find more from Steven at his blog The Leather Library Blog.

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