Legend Series Aurora Borealis Review


Legend Series Aurora Borealis          Well, today was my day to write exactly what I thought of the Aurora Borealis Latakia blend, so I started by buying a new pipe.  Today’s review is therefore a pipeful of this nicely rounded Latakia, matured Virginia, and shag cut black stoved Virginia, smoked in a Yello-Bole imported briar pug.

          It has a smoky/spicy tin note, roughly akin to smoked salmon.

          The initial light produced the flavour of a campfire on a spring evening, with fresh pine boughs.  Very nice smoke, not harsh nor overpowering, though definitely heavy.  It held its flavour throughout the bowl, albeit I had to re-light a couple of times, only mellowing slightly as it disappeared in smoke.  A seemingly dry smoke, although it did produce a small amount of dottle, there was no moisture to speak of in the bottom of the bowl, which I found very impressive.

          I do find it to be a better sipping tobacco than anything else, although each person should really try it however they choose to see what they prefer.

          I highly recommend this tobacco for campfires, at any time of year, and evenings when the Northern Lights may be visible

By: Dominic Wheeler

Dom has recently re-discovered an avid interest in the art of pipe and cigar smoking. He describes himself as “still no expert,” but his reviews are geared to the common working class man getting serious about the hobby. His wide range of interests have instructed him well in the School of Life.

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