Semi-Sweet Pleasure (Mr. B’s Sweet Pleasure)


          Today’s review is of a milder sort than the last that I did. Brigham Enterprises Inc., Mr. B’s Sweet Pleasure, an aromatic blend of dark and light Cavendish, smoked in a rosewood lumberman, which I am displeased to say that I have left in a place irretrievable for a couple of weeks. The bag note is quite fruity, like walking into an orchard during harvest.

As I lit this pipe-full I noticed a mild cherry flavour, which would continue through the entire smoke. A smooth, gently smoke, with a pronounced roll across the tongue. As I continued smoking I did notice a slight drop in flavour, and realized later it was due to having allowed it to dry a little too much. Not a bad smoke for anyone who appreciates aromatics, and it does have a nice room note. All in all, try to keep the tobacco moist, and pack it lightly for the best results. As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

By: Dom Wheeler

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