Pueblo Maduro Robusto Review

Brand: Pueblo 

Line: Maduro 

Size: 5″ x 60

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro 

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua 

Origin: Nicaragua

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: N/A

Price: $9.50 CAD

Where to Purchase: Village Cigar Co.

          photo 1As I promised I will continue to smoke and review the exclusive brand, Pueblo Cigars, from Village Cigar Co. Today I decided to take for a spin their delicious looking Pueblo Maduro Robusto. Like I mentioned in my previous review which looked at their Pueblo Ecuadorian Connecticut Robusto, I said how stunningly elegant the wrapper was. This variation also sports a beautiful wrapper, however not in the same way its lighter-shaded brother did. The maduro wrapper is evenly wrapped around the cigar with absolutely no bumps, and it has tight, invisible seams. The wrapper was very ‘toothy’ which really reminded me of a Padrón cigar, but this seemed to have an inherent oil that seemed to almost seep out of it! Because of this the aroma was that came off the wrapper and foot was very intense and full of delicious smelling hay, chocolate, and espresso.

          I decided to sit in my gazebo, and although the humidity was high, the weather was nonetheless adequate for a nice stogie. I cut of the tight pigtailed cap off with my table cutter and tested the draw….perfect, AGAIN! Like I mentioned in the other review, the draw seems to be absolutely perfect. Hopefully this is not chance, and all their cigars exhibit such a great draw. Regardless of that, I toasted and lit the foot with my table-top torch and began to puff away. Notes of cedar and and sweet chocolate were clearly dominant, with a very long finish of creamy coffee. For an initial light this was certainly pleasant!

First Third (1/3) – 20 min

          At the end of the first third I was happy to see how the burn remained razor sharp despite the large ring gauge, which typically plague smokers with wonky burns. Thankfully that was not the case with this robust beauty. The flavours surprisingly changed more then I suspected. The notes of coffee subsided and was replaced with a very long finish of toffee. The taste of cedar was just about gone, and could only be picked out if you payed very close attention to the finish. The chocolate was definitely present and it was a complimenting note to the toffee.

Second Third (2/3) – 25 min

          photo 2This was certainly my favourite third of the stick. The notes of toffee really made an impact as they began to be paired with a creamy espresso; naturally the notes of chocolate melded well with this profile. The burn didn’t divert from its razor sharpness, nor did the great draw. I cant really describe how pleased I was with this profile. The sweetness of the toffee and chocolate really did go well with the slight bitterness of the espresso. The dynamically opposed flavours kept me on my toes and aware of the bold notes.

Final Third (3/3) – 25 min

           I found that this particular third really resembled a Padrón 1964 Anniversary. However, I noticed that the larger ring gauge of this Pueblo gave me a cooler smoke and I was able to distinguish the dessert-like flavours with greater ease. Because of this, I think that this cigar is a superior substitute to such an expensive stick like a Padrón 1964 Anniversary. Aside from that, the maduro was insanely creamy at this point. My mouth had that ‘chewy’ texture that I find to be characteristic of well aged tobacco. The chocolate notes remained but I found it hard to distinguish the toffee. The espresso was still present on the finish, but its slight bitterness dissipated in favour of a sweeter alternative!

Total Smoke Time: 1h 10min

The Verdict

          This maduro rendition is worthy of being part of the delicious Pueblo line. The draw was perfect, as was the burn, despite the larger ring gauge. The tastes were delicious and refined. This stick is absolutely a classic and should be a regular member in any real cigar aficionado’s humidor(s). Although the maduro version was delicious, it lacked the ‘chewy’ mouth feeling until the last third. The Ecuadorian Connecticut version offered that amazing sensation within the first half, although that is a small grip. Taking all of these elements into account the Pueblo Maduro Robusto scores on the Leather Library 10-Point Stogie Scale at a:



         Both this maduro version and its Ecuadorian Connecticut sibling are definitely classic cigars that offer even the most seasoned smoker a complex and elegant profile. The transitions are bold, and are certainly more noticeable in the maduro. If this cigar provided me with the full mouth texture earlier it would have definitely received a perfect score. However, as it stands, this cigar is essentially equal to its lighter predecessor.

          Given that these Pueblo cigars are sold exclusively at Village Cigar Company & Barbershop in Burlington Ontario your going to have to make a trip to try one of these delicious sticks out. You can follow Village Cigar Co. on Twitter (@VillageCigarCo), Facebook and Instagram(@villagecigarco). You can also visit their website for additional information HERE.

By: Steven Umbrello

Steven Umbrello is a student of philosophy and an avid cigar and pipe smoker. He has been smoking cigars and pipes for over five years and has made it his mission to learn as much about the industry as possible. He has attended some high profile cigar events and is a leading member of the Toronto Cigar Club.  You can find more from Steven at his blog The Leather Library Blog.


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