Smooth and Smoky (Captain Black Royal in a Peterson Killarney 264 P-lip)

002-029-21162Just today my best friend bought me a Peterson Killarney 264 (Canadian).  Well, at least it arrived today, and even though they charged me $35.00 import tax, I was extremely excited to get it, as this was my first Canadian, as well as my first P-lip.

Obviously, a new pipe calls for a review, and I had a couple of tobaccos that I had yet to review.  So, I spent all day with my new pipe and a few different tobaccos.

Well, before I can do a review, I have to familiarize myself with the products that I am reviewing, hence, the multiple bowls to get used to the pipe.  Now, P-lips are notorious for tongue bite, so while I was getting used to it, I shied away from aromatic blends in hopes will avoid that fate.  For the most part, I was successful, so I decided to give a nice cheap aromatic, “drugstore” brand a try and reached for my Captain Black Royal.

Neither the pipe nor the tobacco disappointed me.  The pipe delivered a flawless performance, everything you’d expect from Peterson.  The draw was smooth, cool, and dry and the pipe remained cool, well at least not hot, to the touch.  Nor was there any unsavoury gurgling caused by either the pipe or the tobacco.

The pipe turned out to be one of my best smokers, ranking up there with my handmade Rick Black Dublin.

As for the tobacco, the bag has this to say;

aromatic black and golden cavendish, exceptionally mild, delightfully aromatic

And the note of said bag; creamy, sweet, and rich.  The consensus is that the bag note is one of vanilla and perhaps caramel, though the caramel smell could come from the tobacco itself.

Overall, the tobacco was quite moist in the bag, so I recommend airing it out for 15 to 20 minutes before smoking it.  Personally, since I buy this in bulk, I just leave the bag open for a day or so.

Myself, I find these over the counter “drugstore” Brands highly under-appreciated, especially the Captain Black line.  Having tried, and reviewed, Captain Black White (Don’t Know What I Expected?) and Captain Black Gold (Underrated and Over the Counter), and now Captain Black Royal, I have concluded that I am a fan of Captain Black, and I will definitely keep some in stock.

The taste of the tobacco is quite excellent, as I said, “smooth and smoky”, and the room note, though very mild, is very pleasant.

The tobacco produced a good amount of smoke, along with its pleasant, smooth flavour.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the pipe full of Captain Black Royal, and actually had to smoke many bowls in order to write this review.

When I finally did tap out the pipe, I was thoroughly satisfied, and perhaps even a little buzzed.

Definitely one of my better smoking tobaccos, and a fast favorite!

I got mine at, HERE, for $1.56 USD to $2.95 USD per ounce, depending on amount ordered.

Captain Black RoyalThis tobacco comes highly recommended as a cheap alternative to more expensive Brands!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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