Gurkha Park Avenue Maduro Torpedo Review

Brand: Gurkha

Line: Park Avenue

Size: 6.2″ x 52

Shape: Torpedo

Wrapper: Habano Maduro from Jalapa, Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Origin: Nicaragua

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: 2 Years

Price: $3.00 USD

Where to Purchase:

IMG_1664          When I first purchased my cabinet humidor a few years back I decided that I might as well buy a box of cigars to throw in it. At this time I was restricted to tabletop humidor and thus did not have any full boxes. So, I placed an order with and purchased my humidor along with a box of Gurkha Park Avenue Maduro Torpedo‘s. I have never tried a Gurkha before but I know that many people love them.

          Today was a nice day and I had some studying to do for an upcoming exam. I thought of no better way to study then to have a great cigar outside in this nice weather. I took one of the cigars out of the box and cellophane and clipped the tip of the torpedo with my tabletop cutter. The draw was perfect, with only the slightest snugness to remind you that your puffing on a cigar and not a straw! The construction was top notch with a light, yet firm pack. The seams were tight and invisible, and the texture was slightly toothy. The aroma was distinctly that of cacao and hay. I toasted the foot and gave it a final light with my butane torch. The initial flavours were as I suspected, very oily with dessert-like flavours. There was definitely some chocolate, coffee and toffee.

First Third (1/3) – 25 min

          The first third was just as good as the first light, which tends to be the best part of most sticks. The dessert flavours persisted and this was mostly helped by the large volume of smoke that the cigar produced. The room note was definitely delectable and would please even the most voracious anti-smoker. Even after two year of aging this cigar is still able to produce the pungent flavours that made me fall in love with them the first time!

Second Third (2/3) – 30 min

          The burn remained steady as did the smoke volume. the flavours slightly transitioned here and became far more creamy than the first third. Notes of espresso froth and cappuccino were definitely in the mix, as was dark bitter chocolate. It was certainly an interesting, but complimenting profile. Although flavour is not an indicator of strength, I did think that this cigar was going to hit me hard, fortunately I was wrong and the cigar was all body!

Final Third (2/3) – 20 min

          The cigar stayed remarkably cool throughout the duration of the smoke, even when there was only half an inch left to the stick. The flavours really consolidated themselves in this final third but it became harder to distinguish them as they started to bled together. There were definitely notes of coffee, with hints of vanilla on the very long finish. The burn stayed razor sharp until the end, and I only put it down because there was virtually nothing left to hold.

Total Smoke Time: 1h 15min

The Verdict

          The total smoke time was longer then I had anticipated given the apparently light pack. However, this was a welcome surprise given how much I enjoyed this cigar. It is definitely a must buy for anybody who enjoys a bitter-sweet stick. Given the excellent construction, draw, burn-time, flavours and cost, I give this cigar on the Leather Library 10-Point Stogie Scale a:


By: Steven Umbrello

Steven Umbrello is a student of philosophy and an avid cigar and pipe smoker. He has been smoking cigars and pipes for over five years and has made it his mission to learn as much about the industry as possible. He has attended some high profile cigar events and is a leading member of the Toronto Cigar Club.  You can find more from Steven at his blog The Leather Library Blog.

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