Perhaps A Little Too Warm (Russ’ Monthly Blend –May, Warm Up in a Rick Black Poker)

Russ' Monthly Warm-Up          When I first ordered the double down in Pipe Tobacco Of The Month Club, I had no idea what to expect, but they offered four tins, two pouches, and 4 ounces of bulk tobacco, for the low price of $34.95 USD plus a $5.00 setup fee.  When I got was, two tins of CAO Black ($7.95 each), two tins of Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture ($8.87 each), 2 pouches of John Bull Royal English ($4.95 each), and 4 oz of Russ’ Monthly Blend – Warm Up (worth $11.80) along with two cob pipes (at $1.99 each).  The total value of the order was $59.32 USD, all for the low price of $39.95 including setup fee. So, I can’t say I was disappointed, and ordered another one in June.

          All of the tobaccos offered in the package were enjoyable, to say the least, and you can’t beat the price! Which brings me to the review of Russ’ Monthly Blend, Warm Up. At the time I went to write this review, I placed the tobacco in a jar and left it for near a month, only smoking it occasionally.  The note in the jar is bright and fresh, and smells of fruit and vanilla with a sugary sweet tone that I am told represents caramel.  All in all, very pleasant in the jar, and the ribbon-cut tobacco is mouth-watering to the eye. Being a fan of the “cram and light” method, I find that I get a hot smoke with many aromatics, so I took the time to use the three layer method to load my Rick Black Poker. Like many aromatics that tobacco is quite moist, though not overly so, so I load directly from the jar into my pipe without airing. Now, I take the time to look up the tobacco online, and this is what Russ has to say about it;

Warm-Up Blend is a great pipe tobacco for enjoying outdoors, now that the weather is better, or anywhere, because the aroma is amazingly pleasant. This mixture of Virginias from around the world, mellow Burleys and smooth black Cavendish is finished with a unique combination of caramel, vanilla and light fruit notes. Enjoy the springtime flavor of Warm-Up.

          I read this while smoking the pipe, which lights readily, without fuss and burns evenly with volumes of smoke to make the pipe satisfying. The flavor of the tobacco is quite agreeable and mild, lightly peppery from the Burley, and sweet from the Cavendish with a casing that is none too overwhelming. As I smoke the bowl, I come to realize that the tobacco burns quite hot, and some of the flavors are muffled by the heat of the tobacco.  The tobacco is not unpleasantly warm, though perhaps a little too so for my taste. In the bottom of the bowl, the dottle was reasonable, though a little wet and gurgly. I finished the pipe, having enjoyed it, but feeling that the tobacco could’ve burned a little more coolly. I would chop this one up to a win for Russ Ouellette, and, and you can get it, HERE, for $2.34 to $2.95 USD per ounce depending on quantity ordered, and though the monthly deal for a free cob is over, the tobacco is still worth smoking.

Thanks Russ, I look forward to Old Glory, the June blend for Flag Day!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

By: Erin McRoy Owner & Executive Editor


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