Gawith, Hoggarth and Co. Dark Bird’s Eye Tobacco Review.

DBE pic

          I am quite happy to be writing this review, as I seem to have an affinity to the Gawith lines of tobacco, although this is the first shag cut pipe tobacco that I have tried. It is a blend of dark-fired whole leaf virginias and mid-rib fine cut kentucky leaf rolled and sliced to make ‘bird’s eyes’. I can understand why this particular blend is a favourite of sailors, as the cut of the tobacco allows for quick and easy pack and light, in any weather, so long as you have a wind-break of some kind.

          As I first lit my pipe, I was somewhat surprised at the mild molasses flavour that impinged on my tastebuds, not sweet, not bitter, just there. It smoothed into a nice woodsy/smokey essence without assaulting the senses.

          Quite strong for a pipe tobacco, another good reason it would have been a favourite for sailors. Stronger tobacco usually means fewer pipefuls necessary to keep satisfied.

Keep in mind that if it is smoked too hot, it will bite back, rather strongly, but a steady sipping will not overheat either the tobacco or your senses. Decent room note, not strong nor really pungent, just there.

         As far as I’m concerned this is a definite keeper, and I hope that others find this review helpful. As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

By: Dom Wheeler

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