Kentucky Bird Review

June 14 2014 006

          My sister was recently in Holland and deigned to purchase some tobacco for me, although she is an ex-smoker herself. I was very thankful for the thought and quite impressed by her choices, one of which was the Kentucky Bird Pipe Tobacco. A very floral aroma met my nose when I opened the pouch, which was a nice skew from my norm, which tend to be fruity aromatics or pungent latakia.

          For this particular blend of bright Virginia and sun cured Kentucky I chose a new cob to smoke it. The first light was quite surprising, as it held hints of honey and roses, which held true through the entire pipeful. As I smoked I was very impressed by the lack of bite and the fullness of flavour.  This tobacco produced a very clean smoke, with virtually no dottle, surprising as that may seem.  With many tobaccos at my disposal at this time, I am glad to say that I would go back to this one over and over again, and have a few times since receiving it 2 days ago.

          Overall, I am pleased with this floral aromatic, and would suggest that those who like the milder smoke try this one for a nice afternoon tea. As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

By: Dom Wheeler

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