Gurkha Rogue Rascal Review

Brand: Gurkha 

Line: Rogue Rascal 

Size: 5 1/2″ x 46

Shape: Corona Extra

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano  

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Nicaraguan

Origin: Nicaragua

Machine or Hand-rolled: Hand-rolled

Age: N/A

Price: $5.09 USD

Where to Purchase: Atlantic Cigar Co.

        IMG_1717  In an attempt to expand my cigar resume I decided that I would invest in some premium samplers from Atlantic Cigar Co. and hopefully hit on some great sticks. I decided to buy the Gurkha sampler because I have had relatively good experiences with the sticks from the company and I was open to trying more.

          The Rogue Rascal is made by Gurkha and was part of the sampler package. It is a unique stick, with a distinctive flat profile. It can be considered to be box pressed, but to an extreme….I actually really like the creative shape. The cigar has a very toothy wrapper, very oily and was complimented by an unfinished, shaggy foot. The aroma was very delicious, there were notes of earth, rich aged tobacco, strong leather and topped off with a nice double cap.

          I cut the cigar with my table v-cuttter, which I rarely use, but the length of the flat cigar was long enough that the v-cut would be prominent enough to mitigate any possible tight draw. The draw was semi-open, but I knew that this was the result of the unfinished foot. I lit the cigar with a nice cedar match and was greeted with a massive volume of smoke and rich BBQ and smokey taste. A very unique profile to say the least.

First Third (1/3) – 15 min

          The most characteristic sensation of this cigar is its flatness. It felt really nice between the lips. The notes melded into a delicious dry truffle and bitter chocolate. The cigar was definitely full body, but I didn’t notice any oil on the finish. My only gripe with this third is that the burn was a little wonky, but that is definitely do to the shape.

Second Third (2/3) – 30 min

          I’m surprised how much longer this third took in comparison to the last third, but that is by no means a complaint. The flavours were just as delectable as the first third but they were slightly different. The bitter chocolate changed into a sweeter version and the smoke was very thick. The finish was long with notes of savoury espresso. It was at this point I took off the beautiful bands that had a nice hand-made texture. Overall a great third and it has the potential to be a classic cigar.

Final Third (3/3) – 30 min

            The final third began with a relight, but I think this had to do with the very high humidity outside. The smoke volume returned to its original volume and I tasted some new, unique notes that were very herbal and dry. The body was still full and the burn was kind of wonky. Notes of aged tobacco dominated the finish and left a creamy texture on my palate . The cigar had a very clean profile. It felt like after the finish subsided my palate was cleansed. I guess one could say that this stick was ‘refreshing’.

Total Smoke Time: 1h 15min

The Verdict

          The Rogue is an instant classic with some great notes and refreshing profiles. The cigar had no strength and produced a body that complimented its massive smoke volume perfectly. Aside from its natural tendency to burn unevenly, the stick was a delicious hit and a must try for any aficionado. Taking all of these factors into account, I give that Gurkha Rogue Rascal on the Leather Library 10-Point Stogie Scale a:


By: Steven Umbrello

Steven Umbrello is a student of philosophy and an avid cigar and pipe smoker. He has been smoking cigars and pipes for over five years and has made it his mission to learn as much about the industry as possible. He has attended some high profile cigar events and is a leading member of the Toronto Cigar Club.  You can find more from Steven at his blog The Leather Library Blog.

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