Mozart and a Morning Smoke (263 Super Corona Candela)

It was the day after the Pipe Club meeting, and I had convinced Tad Seymour to pick up a couple of cigars for me in Kelowna.  These were an over-the-counter brand that I’m partial to: the all-Canadian 263 Super Corona Candela.  This machine-rolled stick was my first introduction to the candela, which is the freshest, least-cured variety of cigar tobacco you can get, as Steven explained in his post “Demystifying Maduros.”  They are green or yellow-green in colour because the tobacco has not been fermented at all in its curing process.  It is therefore a very clean and fresh taste, with an undiminished, naturally high nicotine content.  I gave one to my son to enjoy, and he pronounced it excellent.

2014-05-31 22.15.33

Because this is an over-the-counter brand, it was nearly impossible to find anything online regarding its construction.  All I could glean was that it was Canadian-made, inexpensive, and composed of sweet candela Habano fillers.

I waited to light mine until the following morning because I had smoked a great deal of pipe tobacco at the meeting and wanted a fresh palate.  Because this cigar is a machine-roll, I wasn’t paying that close attention to the seams and veins, but it was well constructed with a firm but not hard pack and the rolled leaves are attractive.  It comes pre-punched and the punch is excellent.  It was the first really warm day of the year and I sat in my sunny kitchen listening to Mozart as I drew on the lovely fresh smoke.

The cigar greeted me with a pleasant citrus taste and a jolt of energy from the nicotine.  The green tobacco began by offering me elements of lemon and green; then it changed to a rich cedar flavour at about the halfway mark, and finished with just a hint of spice; by far the best part.  It ashed well because a machine roll has a definite advantage in that department.  I smoked it in about 45 minutes, relaxing and enjoying the pleasant music of Mozart over my morning cup of coffee.  The best value for $2.63 Cnd I can find anywhere!

2014-05-31 21.13.52

I would recommend these cigars as a pleasant accompaniment to a lawn garden party, and I suggest that anything citrus, such as lemonade, marmalade, or lemon meringue pie, would go quite well with it!  Perhaps fresh tea biscuits, cucumber sandwiches, or even a potato salad, would also accompany it well.

All in all, and only because I think a machine roll diminishes some of the personal craftsmanship and artistry, I give the 263 Candela:

4 stars


This is a hard cigar to find online!  You can purchase the 263 at Cuban Cigars in Victoria, as well as your local gas station humidor.

That’s this lady’s perspective.

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