Giving Me Focus (Peter Heinrich’s Dark Strong Flake in a GiGi Rusticated Stubby Canadian)

2014-07-09 17.45.15Just the other day I received the shocking news that we’re running out of articles to post on the magazine, and we’re all going to have to pull up our bootstraps and get to work if we’re going to continue to provide a quality product.

That said, I hunted around my brain for unpublished articles and reviews and came up empty.  Nothing left for it then, but to go forward and write something new.  After all, it isn’t this what professional writers do?

So it was that I found myself sitting here at my desk in my office (OK, my kitchen table in the kitchen) looking through my stock of tobacco for something interesting to review, and coming across a small bag of Peter Heinrich’s Dark Strong Flake that I had been gifted by my friend Tad Seymour.

All research on the tobacco online had turned out that it was quite strong in both flavor and nicotine, and until this point I’d been unable to wrap my head around doing any review, so I thought a good strong smoke might be in order.

Boy was I right!  The smell in the bag is just good, sweet, Virginia and Kentucky tobacco that perks up the senses almost immediately.  And even having sat in the bag for the better part of a month, the broken flakes were still moist enough to hold their shape, while rubbing out with surprising ease.

The stubby Canadian has an ample sized chamber, and loads with a three layer method, and aluminum tamper easily, ready to smoke right out of the bag. While getting my pipe ready, I look up other reviews of the tobacco on and read the following;

Aged cakes of red Virginia and fire-cured dark Kentucky tobaccos give this full-bodied, flavorful flake an unusually rich and naturally spicy taste. Not for neophytes, this one satisfies with old-fashioned deep taste. Good outdoors.

003-048-0002I am first intrigued by any statement that would use the word neophytes to describe tobacco use, and I am always a fan of both Virginia and fire-cured Kentucky.

So, I grab my Bic and merrily light the bowl and soon by myself chuffing away on the squat, little pipe.

In a few moments, I felt my brain kick into gear, and soon the computer was no longer an alien object to be feared and reviled, but rather my friendly acquaintance ready to accept my prose.

I can’t say much of the room note, as I’m smoking alone, which is often the case when I’m doing reviews, but the taste is fabulous!  Smooth, and grassy, with a spicy aftertaste that leaves your mouth-watering.  And strong enough in both taste and vitamin N to leave even a jaded smoker like myself sated and ready to take on the day.

After I finished the bowl, the pleasant buzz helped me write this article, and I found myself wishing that Tad had given me more this, and immediately went looking for it online.

Alas, though both and have it available, in different sizes, they are both sold out.

I guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for it and snag some if I can find it. Love it, can’t get enough of it, brilliant piece of work for Peter Heinrich!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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