Upon His Chthonic Throne (My Own Blend: Lord Hades in a Vintage Gourd Calabash)

You know, it probably isn’t appropriate to toot your own horn, but when that horn resonates from the Chthonic Throne, it is sometimes difficult to be modest.

Pipesandcigars.com has an online program by which you may create, name and order your own tobacco blends.  You can find the online form at My Own Blend at Pipesandcigars.com.

Anyways, there are 10 different tobacco types, 10 different flavoured components, and two seasonal components, so I decided to play around with them.

What I came up with was; two parts Kentucky Dark-fired, two parts Latakia, one part Oriental, and three parts Sambuca aromatic Virginia based.  The blend immediately conjured up images of smoky dark places, and I thought of the Underworld and the Lord therein.  I decided to call my blend, Lord Hades, and prayed that the Chthonic Lord would be pleased.  More than that, since the minimum that you can order is 8 ounces, I prayed that I would be pleased, and shelled out the $32.00 USD for an eight ounce bag.

When the tobacco arrived, I eagerly opened the vacuum sealed package, entreating the blend to not be overly sweet with licorice.  To my delight, I was not disappointed!  The tobacco is not so vaguely hinted at a licorice flavour, but mostly smells of the rich and earthy tones of the Kentucky Dark-fired, with the sweet fermented smell of the Virginia base and a smoky, sour intimation of the Latakia.

I fill the bowl of my vintage gourd calabash with the tobacco that is not too moist, nor none too dry, and not standing on formality, tamp it with my finger.  Soon, a couple of burnt fingers later, and I am enjoying a great pipe.  I love my calabash, but it is so damn hard to light.

The Latakia creates volumes of smoke, while the Kentucky Dark-fired gives a great earthy taste, with the sweet Virginias adding an accent to the blend, all the while, the light Sambuca casing creates hints of licorice flavouring on the back of your mouth.

The room note, though not going to win awards, is actually quite pleasant with an almost cigar-like aroma, and the tobacco has virtually no tongue bite.

Overall I spent about half an hour doing this review, while smoking my pipe and conjuring images of the Underworld, all the while thinking, Pluto would be impressed.

In the end I tapped out my pipe, to a negligible amount of dottle, and was thoroughly satisfied by the blend.

I guess it’s OK to toot your own horn after all, I will definitely be buying more of this, and I encourage you to try some.  Overall, a great smoke.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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