G. L. Pease Odyssey Review


          Having been handed this wonderful flavour for the purposes of review, I thought to give this lovely Latakia, Virginia, and oriental tobacco blend preferential treatment in my Yelo-Bole briar pug. This ribbon cut mottled brown tobacco is reminiscent of bark mulch used around cedar trees.

          I found the tin note to be decently smokey, like the final embers of a campfire, and, much like said embers, seemed to be quite dry, though it did pack fairly well. The flavour took me to a small campfire in the woods or possibly a log cabin on a ski hill. With a light body and mild to medium strength, I thought to myself, “This would be great for hiking or ski trips.” Odyssey smokes medium hot, produces a light gurgle very near the end, and leaves minimal dottle to waste.

You can find this tobacco at http://www.smokingpipes.com. This smoke was definitely worth the adventure. As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

By: Dom Wheeler


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