The Art of Contemplation (Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation 1882 Founders Blend) Smoked in a Yello-Bole briar pug.


          Latakia, sun-cured orientals, mature virginias, and full-bodied Kentucky leaf blended together to create an old-fashioned English smoke. Upon opening this tobacco, I was greeted with the subtle spiciness of orientals and latakia, which I found unusual as most latakia smokes that I have experienced are quite powerful.  It is a nice ribbon cut, mottled dark and light brown tobacco which leaves the impression of wood shavings in a cabinet maker’s shop.

          The first light of this particular tobacco brought about a sense of forethought, and left me in a near meditation throughout the entire smoke. As I puffed away, I could not help but put myself in the shoes of the man who created this blend.  How long did it take him to find the right blend? Seems it would have taken some time, although it’s hard to say. I was contemplating the hours of smoking each tobacco type to find the perfect blend, so it was with some regret that I finished the bowl. As the flavours of the Virginia and Kentucky added a near aromatic addition to the latakia/oriental flavours, it makes a great english smoke.

I did find that it burned a little hot for my poor pug and created a little bit of moisture, though not a lot of gurgle.  The dottle factor was also low, but noticeable. All around a great smoke for sitting and absorbing the day’s happenings. Whether before, during, or after makes little difference.  As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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By: Dom Wheeler

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