A Mistakable Smoke (4th Generation 1897 Erik Paul’s Blend by Erik Stokkebye)

          Consisting of golden virginias, bronze burleys, and black cavendish blended in a nice black and tan mixture. Very pleasing to the eye, and the tastebuds. This tobacco reminds me of 4 or 5 other tobaccos that I have smoked, without being exactly like any of them, though close enough to fool the senses for a short period.

          On lighting this mild blend I experienced a quick note of cherry, which held on throughout and was added to by a heavier nutty flavour, which almost overpowered it. A smooth smoke, great aromatic, and perfect for the everyday smoker that just wants a smooth flavour. A moist tobacco that smokes hot, or goes out, but not too much burley bite, just enough to make it worth it.

          Working in an orchard is a good place to smoke this particular tobacco, although these days that’s hard to say. As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope that you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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