Better With Coffee… No, Better THAN Coffee! (4th Generation 1882 Founders Blend)

Over a month ago, Erik Stokkebye sent me four tins, one each of Fourth Generations 1882, 1897, 1931, and 1957 blends.  However, I’ve been so busy with other things in the magazine, that I have not had a chance to review any, but one, of them, the 1931 Navy Flake.

So it was that I sat down this morning to wrap my head around a review before I managed to smoke all the tins, or give away all the tobacco, without having written reviews on them.

And, wrap my head around it is the operative term.  First, I had to untangle my brain, which felt exactly like swimming in molasses just to grab a thought.  I managed to say good morning to my hubby twice, totally confusing him, and stared for 20 minutes at my computer.

Then, he asked me if I had any English blends, and molasses stroke after molasses stroke, I came up with the 1882 Founders Blend.  That was when the first cohesive thought on the review hit me!

When the can was opened, and passed around to smell, the rich, earthy, leathery tack fragrance of the brilliantly constructed English mix tobacco began to kick my brain in gear, and at least I was able to make a decision as to which of the other three blends I would be reviewing.

So, I’ve loaded my Brigham Mountaineer Partially Rusticated 354 with an ample bowl of the tobacco, which I just had to smell again, and prepared to smoke up.

After about 5 minutes of puffing on the tobacco, my brain was now organized enough to think, “a cup of coffee would go well with this.” And I stood up to fetch one.

It was then that the tobacco hit me and my brain jump into overdrive.

I thought to myself, “Maybe, I don’t need a coffee with this?” but, I fetched myself one anyways.

It, of course, took another couple of minutes to get the coffee together, all the while puffing on my pipe, and my brain began to ramble over this review.

The taste of the tobacco is simply great!  The only English blend that I’ve found that is better is GQTobaccos Classic English, and that is the meter stick by which I measure English blends.  The mix of Latakia, Oriental, Virginia and Kentucky tobaccos creates a nutty, unpretentious flavour that, though hard to describe, just amounts to a simply stupendous smoke.

By the time the bowl was finished, I had a good buzz, and emptied my pipe to absolutely no dottle.  Now, wide awake, with still more than half a cup of coffee left, I’m ready to face the day, and I tip my hat to Erik.

You can get it at, HERE, for $17.50 USD per tin, and they have this to say about the tobacco;

1882 Founder’s Blend is Erik Stokkebye’s tribute to the year his family’s tobacco business was created. This rich and hearty blend is redolent with Latakia and excellent Oriental leaf and enriched by sweet, matured flue-cured and robust dark-fired Kentucky. Truly a must-try for Latakia blend enthusiasts.

I, for one, know that I will try this tobacco again, and look forward to the next can.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


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