Nut ‘n’ Honey (4th Generation 1931 Erik Peters Blend by Erik Stokkebye)

A balanced mixture of premium burley and virginia tobaccos, with a small amount of black cavendish for flavouring.

Opening this tobacco actually took me off guard, as it has a spicy smell akin to orientals, and looks like nesting material for a bird, albeit in a pressed flake state.

Upon lighting this blend I was again taken off guard as I was hit immediately by the taste of honey, followed quickly by a nutty flavour, making it seem like honey roasted nuts of some sort. (Hazelnuts or almonds is what it seemed to me.)

It smoked true throughout the bowl, only lessening a little just before it puffed out.  A clean, cool, dry, smooth smoke with a great richness to it, though somewhat subtle.

This could be considered a great english smoke, judging solely on the ones that I have tried in the past, as it still has a little spiciness to it.

Very little dottle and what there was was fully blackened, so no waste whatsoever.

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As always, smoke it as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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