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Well, it’s contest time again here at Smoking Jacket Magazine!  This time is just a Members Appreciation Contest.  In other words, we’re not celebrating a milestone, or commemorating anything, we just want to show how much we’ve really appreciate you, the members.

Here is how it works.  In order to enter, you must first like the Facebook page, or follow the magazine on WordPress, or follow me Erin McRoy on Twitter.  In other words, you must be a member!

Then, using all of your powers of deduction, measuring tapes, rulers, and the Internet, you guess the weight of the tobacco pictured below.

The one who guesses closest, or right on is the winner!  In the event of two or more guesses of the same number, the one who guessed first wins, and a second person to guess that number, is the runner-up.

How do you make your guess?  You simply leave a comment in the comments section of this post, or leave a comment on the Smoking Jacket Magazine Facebook page or re-tweet this post with your guess.

The contest winner, and first runner-up will win a myriad of prizes from our good friends at Sutliff tobacco.

What do you win, you ask?  Well, the first prize is a tee-shirt, a ball cap, a coffee mug, and five tins (your choice) of Sutliff Private Stock tobacco.

The prize for the runner-up is a ball cap, a coffee mug and three tins (your choice) of Sutliff Private Stock tobacco.

The contest runs from midnight July 28 (Monday), to 11:59 PM August 3 (Sunday).  So in other words, from tonight at midnight until next Sunday at just before midnight Pacific time can make your guess as to the weight of the pictured tobacco, though only your final guess counts.  You can change your guess as often as you like, but I’m only counting the last one.

How do you enter if you’re not a member?  Well, you can’t!  This contest is for the appreciation of the members of Smoking Jacket Magazine, so all you have to do is like the page and you can enter.

By the way, sorry guys but the contest is not open to the staff of the Magazine, too much of a conflict of interest.

Here’s your tobacco;

2014-07-26 19.34.27 2014-07-26 19.34.54 2014-07-26 19.34.39



Also, the pipe pictured within is a Peterson Killarney (264) Canadian P-lip, and is not included as part of the prizes.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, and good luck with your guesses!

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