Passing the Time (4th Gen. Tobacconist 1957 Erik Michael’s Blend in a Peterson Killarney Canadian)

Peterson Killarney 264

Some days are better than other days for absolutely no reason.  It’s not that anything better happens, it’s not done anything bad doesn’t happen, that they just feels better.  So, suffice to say I’m having a good day.

Basically, I just spent the day passing time in my own company and then in the company of my wife.  While my wife and my hubby were doing their music project I managed to do two reviews, and still found time to slack off.  Then, when they were done, my wife came out to be companionable in the kitchen with me while we both wrote.

This is how I found myself lining up to do a third review in the day, and why not finish off the fourth generation reviews.

So, I opened the tin of 1957 Erik Michael’s blend and was immediately greeted with a warm smell of vanilla and exotic fruit.  Though I highly doubt that Erik used anything of the kind, the smell reminded me of banana.  I thought to myself, “most interesting.”

Like the 1897 blend, the 1957 is too moist to load straight out of the can.  So I let it air for about 20 minutes to shake off the excess moisture.  Then I loaded my Peterson P-lip and prepared to enjoy the smoke.

While I was waiting for the tobacco to air out, I took the time to read the back of the tin;

My personal favorite! Bright Virginias, light brown Burleys and a touch of Black Cavendish combined to create perfect harmony in this blend. A naturally sweet tasting blend, the soft, creamy vanilla adds to the elegant room notes. Perfect for a relaxing moment any time of the day.

Looking at the tobacco, I see that it can only be “touched” by Black Cavendish as the tobacco has none of the telltale characteristics except a few darker leaves.

My wife expressed for enjoyment of the room note and when I asked her to indicate what it smelled like she can only respond with “vanilla.”

In a world of vanilla aromatics it is often difficult to create a product that truly stands out in the market, but with other interrogated my wife espoused that this was the best vanilla smelling aromatic that she had ever smelled.

So, I handed her my pipe to give it a try.  Well, she was delighted!  It must truly be an exceptional aromatic for my wife to have anything to do with it as she says most aromatics taste like chemicals.  This however, she said was like smoking of vanilla bean in with your tobacco.

I, on the other hand, found the tobacco enjoyable, though not as delightful as my wife found it.  I found, that the tobacco tended to burn a little hot, and in a P-lip, that tends to mean tongue bite.  But, then again, my wife tends to naturally sip a pipe, and a P-lip is designed for sipping, so she is probably just better at it than I am.

However, I can say this about the tobacco, it left no dottle, burning to a fine white ash.

My final decision; I like it!  Not sure how often I’ll smoke it, as I tend not to smoke aromatics, but you can get it HERE at for $14.50 USD per 100 gram can.  I recommend you try it, it really is a good blend!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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