Un Canadien Errant (Sutliff Private Stock Blue Danube in a Brigham Mountaineer 354)

pb-sfyHaving recently had a bad experience with Sutliff Private Stock Spinnaker I was, understandably, a little leery of their Blue Danube.

So it was with some trepidation I opened the can.  I was immediately greeted with a sweet scent that I later found out is sweet rum, sugar, and vanilla.  Unlike my last experience, it was neither overwhelming, nor unpleasant, and reminded me of toasted coconut, and reminded my wife of children’s play dough.

Well, that lifted my spirits and I was much more hopeful about the blend.  So, I began to load my Brigham Mountaineer with the not too moist, though a little plain-looking, ribbon-cut tobacco, using the three layer method and a Czech style tamper.

While lighting up, I checked out the information on the Sutliff web site, and they had this to say about the tobacco;

The scenic Danube is both unique and vast. It is the only major European river which flows west to east, gushing some 1,770 miles through ten countries. Much like the Danube, this Aromatic Golden Cavendish of Burley and Rich Virginias has depth resulting in a distinctively delicious character.

They also rate the tobacco four out of five on aromatic flavour, five out of five for body, and zero out of five for Latakia flavour.

The tobacco lights easily enough, and I am soon greeted by voluminous, billowing clouds of smoke, though I find that I have to puff hard on the tobacco to keep it lit.  No matter, I usually puff hard on my pipes, so I don’t find that inconvenient.

I also spent some time online looking up the Danube River, trying to get into the head of the tobacconist who mixed this blend, and what they were thinking when they named the mix.

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, after the Volga, and flows from Germany to the Black Sea through 10 countries, and scores of cities.  The bike path follows the course of the river from where its head begins through four stages, to end at the tributary on the other end of the river.

The pictures of the Blue Danube are amazing, and an old sailor, like me, pictures sailing down the river like the ancient Vikings of yore, and suddenly wished to be abroad.

Anyway, back to the review;

I was greeted with the exquisite taste of the tobacco, which was completely not at all overwhelmed by the rum/vanilla casing.  Indeed, the tobacco is so masterfully blended that the Burley and Virginia, naturally sweet, and nutty, are merely accented by the casing, and even though the tobacco is rated four out of five for aromatic flavour, it is not overpowered by it.

The mountaineer always delivers a great smoke, especially when you remember to change the rock maple insert.

The bowl burned slowly, and even though I puffed quite vigorously upon the pipe it did not get overwhelmingly hot.  The tongue bite was minuscule, and when the bowl was finished it left only a modest amount of dottle.

I tapped out the bowl, quite satisfied, though not buzzed.  Like a day spent sailing on a wide river, I felt relaxed and invigorated and ready to take on the rest of my week.

The room note of the tobacco lingered for a good while after I put out the pipe, but was not all unpleasant, cloying, or intense.

This tobacco is available at pipesandcigars.com, HERE, and smokingpipes.com, HERE, for about $6.10 USD per can, or you can get it by finding a retailer near you using the tools provided at Sutliff Tobacco Co., HERE.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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