Mild Oklahoma Winters (Ted’s Blackberry Winter in a Vintage Gourd Calabash)

Ted's Pipe Shoppes

I know Oklahoma’s not famous for its mild winters.  It is, however, the first thing I thought of when I’d lit up a bowl of this new blend from Ted’s Pipe Shoppe in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Some time ago, my friend on Facebook, Jamie Palo, offered to send me some of his favorite aromatic blend that he imports to Tennessee from a friend in Oklahoma, and things being what they are, he finally got a chance to send it to me recently.

This is what Jamie had to say about the tobacco;

“I find it to be a light aromatic with a nice light taste and a tin note (or plastic baggie note, lol) that reminds me of my Grandma’s Blackberry Cobbler – YUM.  It is a light smoke that would be an easy all day smoke for myself – I especially enjoy a bowl of this one as a dessert tobacco…”

I, myself, am generally not an aromatic fan at all, and especially those based on fruits, so I hesitantly opened the bag.

I was not immediately assaulted by the overwhelming smell of blackberries, to my surprise, but rather a nice fermented tobacco smell subtly coloured with a light blackberry aroma.

I was also amazed by how unsticky and not too moist the tobacco was.  It required absolutely no airing out before loading into my vintage gourd calabash.

My calabash is always a tough light, but it was not exacerbated by an overly wet tobacco, indeed, quite the opposite, the tobacco lit fairly easily.

The tobacco is obviously a black Cavendish base, salted quite generously with a dash of Virginia, and quite possibly Burley.  And being a black Cavendish base, it is extremely mild.

I find Jamie is probably correct in the best use for this tobacco is as a dessert tobacco, it would go nicely after a good meal when you are not looking for a strong kick of nicotine.

Almost every blackberry aromatic that I have tried, screams BLACKBERRY at the top of its lungs then tries to slap you in the face with it.  This one melodically whispers blackberry, and caresses you with a fruity back note.

Finally, the tobacco burns quite coolly, and leaves behind only a reasonable amount of dottle.

Overall, a decent smoke, and while I’m not about to give up my English, I just might reach for this one again!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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