Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina! (Tabaco SN – Mezcla Cinnamon in a Savinelli Alligator 114 KS)

Do I have to iterate, once again, that in preference I shy away from aromatics, as I find most casings to be disgustingly overdone?  Furthermore, many cased tobaccos, especially the cheaper Brands, leave a chemical taste in your mouth.

I guess that to get something really good you have to go to places where craftsmen are required to put in more time, and more effort, with fewer resources.  That is why I say that Antonio Norberto Petti is a master of his craft.  That craft being tobacconist, and the place being Argentina, Toni is required to put in more time and more effort with fewer resources and thus creates beautiful works of art.

Eva Perón was the champion of the “Shirtless”, the Descamisado, the working man.  In the fictionalized musical “Evita”, Eva Perón is responsible for rallying the labor unions to free her husband, and while in reality this is unlikely, she would have.  Eva Perón would have admired the work and dedication that Toni puts into his blends, and Juan would have smoked Tabaco SN blends in his pipe.

This is what the web site at has to say about the tobacco;

Virginia bright (brillante) y Burley extra estacionado, dan una base de armonía en sabor y aroma, siendo sometidos a un tratamiento especial donde predomina la genuina y tan codiciada canela de Ceilán, con un agregado justo de dulzor. Suave, exótica, extremadamente aromática y muy agradable para los fanáticos de la canela natural. Se sorprenderá el fumador y maravillará a su entorno. Quizás lo remonte a tiempos pasados de su infancia, encontrando familiaridad por la memoria olfativa de cada uno de nosotros. Opinión vertida por quienes la fumaron.

And thanks to the magic of google translate we understand that this means;

Virginia bright (bright) and extra [aged] Burley provide a basis of harmony in taste and flavor, being subject to special treatment where the genuine and coveted Ceylon cinnamon, with a just added sweetness predominates. Soft, exotic, extremely aromatic and very enjoyable for fans of natural cinnamon. The smoker will be amazed and marvel at their surroundings. Maybe it dates back to his childhood past, finding familiarity olfactory memory by each of us. Opinions expressed by those who smoked.

The note in the bag is one of strong cinnamon, though not overwhelming, and not cloying.

I recommend airing the tobacco out for five or 10 minutes, as it is quite moist, and the smell certainly can’t hurt the room.

The tobacco is very strongly cinnamon flavoured, so much so that both myself, and my hubby were afraid that it would ghost our pipes.  Fortunately, since the tobacco is flavoured with genuine Ceylon cinnamon, ghosting is not a problem.

The description is quite right, I find nostalgic memories in the olfactory recollection of cinnamon candies as a child.

The smoke is rather heavy, and takes a little getting used to, especially if you plan to inhale it, but it smokes coolly and slowly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bowl, which took me about 35 minutes to get through.  The bright Virginias ensure that is a very satisfying smoke.

Finally, an aromatic tobacco that is not based on black Cavendish, I’ll definitely reach for this one again and at $7.00 USD for 50 gram bag, only the shipping is prohibitive, and that only if you don’t order in bulk.

It seems that in order to get a good aromatic, you have to go to a country where they can’t afford to use cheap artificial flavouring!  Another masterpiece, Toni!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina! (Tabaco SN – Mezcla Cinnamon in a Savinelli Alligator 114 KS)

  1. Sentimiento nacional is the best pipe tobacco i smoked ever! but, here in Argentina, tobacco S.N. is unfortunately more expensive than almost anything tobacco on sale from all the world, due to the higher cost of manufacturing here. Is Argentina, so everything is possible…

    • Fortunately for us here in North America, Tabaco SN is competitive with the United States and European markets. (Afortunadamente para nosotros aquí en América del Norte, Tabaco SN es competitivo con los Estados Unidos y los mercados europeos.)

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