Relaxing In The Afternoon (Ted’s Cherry Royale in a GiGi Stubby Canadian)

Ted's Pipe Shoppes

Sometimes, a hot lazy day just calls for a good smoke, and a good smoke calls for a good review.  So, being alone, I broke out my GiGi stubby Canadian and a new bag of Ted’s Cherry Royale sent to me by my friend, Jamie Palo in Tennessee, from a shop that he orders it from in Tulsa, Oklahoma called Ted’s Pipe Shoppe.

You can order this tobacco directly from Ted’s online in 8 oz and 16 oz bags for $35.00 USD and $65.00 USD, respectively.

Anyway, the review; Ted’s Pipe Shoppe says this in description of the tobacco online;

Cherry Royale – Remember a Cherry Smash when you were a kid?  This is it and it’s not fattening.  Cherry and rich chocolate.  Not a calorie in a bowlful.

Now, I don’t remember Cherry Smash when I was a kid, I imagine it is a local Oklahoma thing, or at the very least not widely known outside the USA, but I imagine that it was some sort of cherry chocolate treat.

Many cheaper cherry flavoured Brands, not to say that this is one of them, I believe use cherry cough syrup to flavour their tobacco, or at least that’s what the smell and flavour remind me of, so suffice it to say that I was hesitant on this one.  Furthermore, cheap chocolate flavouring tastes like stale chocolate.  Now, to be honest, I had no reason to suspect that Ted’s had used cheap flavouring, in either case, but I was still leery.

Turns out I was cautious for no reason.  Opening the bag, I was greeted by the soft scent of the brown and black Cavendish that this tobacco was obviously made from, sweetened by a, none too powerful, Cherry Cordial fragrance.  Not too moist, the tobacco, which also contains some Virginia from the looks of it, loads easily into my pipe with a three-layer method using a “bat” style multi-tool, and I am soon puffing away.

The taste of the tobacco is very mild, but that is to be expected from a brown and black Cavendish blend and the case has just enough cherry and chocolate to be interesting without being overwhelming.

I asked my wife about the room note and she said it reminded her of black forest cake, so it’s bound to be a room pleaser.

To say I was soon puffing away is a bit of an exaggeration because this review was interrupted by another review before I even got started smoking this pipe.

The strength of the tobacco is so mild that even after 30 minutes of smoking, and smoking another pipe for 20 minutes before this, I didn’t even have the slightest hint of a buzz.

Overall, this is a great tobacco for smoking after a nice dessert, or with a sweet drink, like my iced tea, on this lazy, hot Monday afternoon.

Not sure whether or not I will ever reach for this tobacco again, it just doesn’t have enough kick for me, but if you like a mild tobacco, this one’s flavour is to die for!  Not bad, Ted!

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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