Too Mild For Insomnia (Capstan Navy Flake – Gold in a Nording Bent Carved Tomato)

003-581-0001I hate insomnia!  No, no I don’t hate insomnia, I LOATHE insomnia.  I loathe insomnia the way only an insomniac can.  In case you haven’t figured it out, I am an insomniac.

Fortunately for me, I also get my best work done when I’m alone, so I tend to be very productive on these nights.  So, I found myself on the second review for the night, having just finished a review of Val Shannahan as a pipe seller.

As is my habit, I finished my review and packed a pipe to enjoy a bowl after the review, and since I wasn’t going to sleep, possibly wrap my head around another one.

Therein lays the rub with insomnia.  When you have insomnia, it doesn’t prevent exhaustion, it just prevents the relief of sleep.  If you’ve ever tried to function while exhausted, then you know that coffee, tobacco, and an intravenous of Jolt Cola are the only ways that you’re going to maintain cognitive function.

Well, since I wasn’t going to sleep, but I was tired as Hel, and Jolt Cola was deemed unfit for human consumption in Western Canada, I poured myself coffee and packed my Nording bent carved tomato with a folded and stuffed flake of Capstan Gold.

Soon, I found myself drifting off to…  Nothing!  Not a!  Zippo!  A total gap.  Obviously, either I forgot to drink my coffee, or the tobacco wasn’t strong enough to keep me awake.  I looked in my oversized coffee mug and realized that I either drank it or the dog did because the cup was empty, so that left only good old Capstan as the culprit.

Well, it’s not as though I could ttrade-off tobacco since I’m trying to do a review of this one, so I did the only thing that I could do; I made mocha!  And while I mixed the rich Colombian cocoa into the Colombian dark roast coffee, I puffed happily on the little bent tomato clinched in my teeth.

Now, I can’t say much about the room note of this smoke, except that it is as mild as the tobacco itself, which I must assume because with my limited sense of smell I can’t smell it, and the tin note is mild and sweet as well.

As I already said, the tobacco is mild, but beyond that it is incredibly smooth.  In the five or so minutes that I spent mixing my coffee along with collecting the ingredients, I puffed absently on my pipe without even the merest hint of tongue bite.

I kept puffing deliberately on my pipe, to see if I could get it to bite me, happily to no avail, just a clean, smooth smoke.

In the end, the pipe took about 30 minutes to smoke, and left a plug of dottle, but that’s to be expected from a folded and stuffed flake.

Not much in the way of strength, but certainly an all right tobacco, I’d gladly reach for it again when I wasn’t suffering insomnia, and I will certainly smoke the whole tin of this.

I call it a win for Mac Baren, though you may find a little pricey at $12.10 USD for a 1.75 ounce can from and, or browse the Mac Baren section of the Sutliff web site to find an American retailer near you.

On a final note, Pipes and Cigars says;

This cool-smoking flake made from bright Virginias delivers smooth, delicate, lightly-sweet flavor for fanciers of quality flue-cured blends; a favorite around the world for well over 100 years.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!bdd91a1111070ce06594a304e1789865

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