Just Plum Good! (Mac Baren Plumcake in a Brigham Voyageur #147)


Cracking open this tin was a sensory overload of true thanksgiving pleasure. The scent wafting from this wonderful mix of bright Virginia, Burley, Cavendish and Latakia was reminiscent of true plumcake as never before inhaled.

A pleasure visually, it is a ribbon cut mixture of wheat, hay, and bark, giving it the appearance of bark mulch on a hot sunny day.

Very moist on first touch, though lights fairly easily.

The first few puffs carry that magical plum and cake flavour so looked forward to……and then the bite.

The tongue recoiled quickly at about the 3 minute mark, and I found that it must be smoked VERY cool, or it would continue.

I was very disappointed at that moment, however, the flavour returned at about the 10 minute mark. Staying true throughout, cool smoking to keep down the bite, it finally lost flavour at about the 35 minute mark, with just a hint of cake left.

At the 40 minute mark it was out with medium dottle, white ash, and a bitter aftertaste.

I suggest this smoke as a nice quick dessert smoke, with coffee to cut the bite.

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As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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