Sutliff Private Stock – Maple Street (Guest Review)

By Jennica Duncan


Being a lover of the aromatics, I was very excited when I saw this tin of tobacco. It boasts,” Quality mixture with flavourful maple and old rum.” The tin sports a golden-yellow maple leaf. The tin note when I opened it was delightful! Sweet and buttery with a hint of childhood memory. My second sniff of the tin told me of the hint of rum. Dark, rich well aged rum; the kind you would pay an arm, a leg and your first-born child for.

I stuffed my pipe full, excited for that first puff. My mouth was filled with the taste of maple syrup.  I smoke quite cool, so it took me a good hour and a half to smoke this bowl down. Being a newbie pipe smoker, it took me 3 tries to get my pipe lit and smoking well. For me that’s amazing, considering that most aromatics take me upwards of 6 or 7.
I’m quite susceptible to tongue bite so I was quite surprised that I had smoked my pipe halfway down before I experienced any. That’s about the time that the rum flavour started to come through and the maple started to fade away.

I was quite pleased to find that unlike the other aromatics I’ve tried, I was left with very little dottle in the bottom of my pipe. Out of 10, I give Maple Street, by Sutliff Tobacco Co. 9. The only reason I took a point off is that even in a closed tin, it dries out quite quickly and becomes bitter until moistened again.

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