Mild, Mellow and Smooth (Russ’ Monthly Blend – Thumbprint Cookie in a Nording Carved Bent Tomato)


Due to weird sleep I find myself sitting up early in the morning writing reviews, and after a nice, invigorating bowl of Frog Morton’s Cellar, I feel that my next bowl should be something much milder.

With that in mind, I reach for the bag of Thumbprint Cookie sent with my July double down order from  You can order this blend on its own, HERE, for $2.34 USD per oz depending on quantity ordered, though it is a little late to order the monthly deal, so you won’t get the free cob.

Russ has this to say about online;

Most of us had someone in the family who used to make those cookies with a dot of fruit filling in the middle, and in summer, they would often be made of fresh fruit. Thumbprint Cookie brings you the fresh flavors of those warm weather treats served on top of a cool-smoking mixture of Virginias, Burley and smooth black Cavendish.

While up here in Canada, I associate thumbprint cookies with Christmas, I recognize the connection to fresh fruit.

Regardless, I load the small chamber of my Nording bent tomato with a small amount of the dark, mottled brown and black, slightly moist tobacco and prepare to light up.

Not being an aromatic family, in general, I find myself without serious expectations of this tobacco, however, the first few pulls on the bowl I find tasty and smooth and mellow.

The tobacco burns easily, and the small chamber stays cool throughout the experience, which lasts about 25 minutes.  All too soon with this blend, I find myself tapping out the pipe to a small, but significant, plug of dottle that is to be expected from an aromatic tobacco.

Warm and rich, the tobacco is satisfying without being too strong and fulfills the need for a smoke nicely.

I find myself with not much to say about this tobacco aside from, it’s good, tasty, and full-bodied.

I recommend you pick up a couple of ounces, as it is sure to please the palate, as well as the in-laws.

Another win for Russ Ouellette, you are truly becoming known for your craft.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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