An All-around Satisfying Smoke (Sutliff Private Stock Golden Age in a Brigham Voyageur 103)

SPS Golden Age

Well just as I was about to start this review, I got sidetracked with a conversation on Facebook, and spent about 40 minutes smoking my pipe while talking to Val Shannahan, and arranging another pipe deal.

So, when I finally got around to doing this review the bowl was almost finished.

However, I had thoroughly enjoyed it, felt a little buzzed, and was pleased with the new pipe that would soon be on its way.  Perfect frame of mind for writing a review.  So, I immediately lit up a new bowl, and looked up the tobacco online at;

We can thank the Golden Age of Exploration for introducing the Old World to Perique. Perique lovers everywhere will marvel at this distinctively flavored mixture combined with Turkish, Burley, Black Cavendish, and Virginia.

The course cut, un-topped tobacco is an easy load, and any easier light.

The taste of the tobacco is very complex, but that is to be expected from a tobacco that includes five different types of baccy.  With a little Latakia, this tobacco would have everything.

Again, I find myself chatting away with Val, this time striking a deal for more tobacco, instead of writing this review.

Also, now I am completely buzzed, and almost through another bowl; I’d better get to work!

Trying like hell to avoid the distractions of Facebook, I now turn on my microphone and begin to dictate;

As I was saying, a very complex tobacco, this blend hits every part of your mouth with a unique taste experience.  While I am certain that the tobacco will be far too complex for many people, I, personally enjoy that sort of thing and find myself creating silly metaphors for this tobacco.

I finish off the bowl, with a surprisingly low amount of dottle, and tap out the pipe with a thoroughly jittery hand.

The fabulous tasting tobacco leaves a menagerie of tastes in my mouth and I find myself mulling over the aftertaste thoughtfully.

Thank the gods for the golden age of sail that brought the world of smoking to the old world.  Without it, we would never have such complex blends as this.

Sutliff is the oldest American pipe tobacco manufacturer still in production, having been providing tobaccos since 1849.  Their private stock collection as some of the best tobacco I’ve ever tried, and Golden Age is among the best of Sutliff Private Stock.

This fine blend is available at and for the low, low price of about $6.10 USD per tin for a 1.5 ounce can.  Or you can try Sutliff tobacco at their website, http://www.sutliff to find a retailer near you, provided that you live in the U.S.A.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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