Early Morning Wakeup Call (Drew Estate Meat Pie in a Nording Carved Bent Tomato)


The worst thing about having a sleep disorder is, never knowing when you’re going to be inexplicably awake.  Sometimes I can sleep for 20 hours, other times I can’t sleep for days.  And being unable to sleep doesn’t mean that you’re actually awake.  So it was that I found myself up at the godforsaken hour of 5:30 AM.  Inexplicably, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.  And it’s not as though I was not tired, quite to the contrary, actually.

Being doggone tired, and unable to get back to sleep, I drag my sorry butt out to the kitchen to have a smoke and find something to occupy myself that doesn’t take too much mental energy.

And thus, I found myself sitting in my chair staring at my collection of pipes and tobaccos wondering if there really was a dog.

You know what’s wrong with being a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac don’t you?  You stay up all night wondering if there really is a dog.

For a good 2 minutes, my eyes rest upon the tin of Drew Estate Meat Pie before I realized what I was looking at, and grabbed up a pipe at random to fill it with the rich dark tobacco.

The back of the tin reads;

We made a blend and called it “Meat Pie”!  Daring to be just a little different, imagine we just re-wrote some classic turn-of-the-century novel.  A Pungent, Smoky, Medium bodied smoke that is the epitome of the word classic.

The presentation of this tobacco is admirable, the dark Turkish and Latakia tobaccos are speckled nicely with the lighter Virginias and the smell is incredible, powerful and rich.

The dry, ribbon-cut tobacco requires no airing, and loads readily into the small chamber of my Nording Bent Tomato, and striking flint to steel, I am soon puffing dreamily and gaining some wakefulness.

The bowl of my bent tomato is very small, and the whole bowl takes only about 15 minutes to smoke, but the smooth, earthy, slightly sour tobacco blend soon has me right perked up.

The problem with the first bowl, is it tasted like a second bowl, so tapping out my pipe to a minuscule amount of dottle, I reload the chamber for a second pipe.

At the end of the second bowl, another 15 minutes later, I am now awake and alert and slightly buzzed, and I think I’ll check out my financial situation (never check your finances first thing in the morning, you’ll never be happy).

My final opinion; this is a great English blend, it lacks in nothing, and while it’s not about to replace Tabaco SN Republica, or GQ Tobaccos’ Classic English as a favorite, it is definitely one I will reach for again.

Can reach for this tobacco at smokingpipes.com for $8.45 USD a tin, or at pipesandcigars.com for 5¢ more.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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