The Caramel Secret (Review of Cornell and Diehl Briar Fox Smoked in a Brigham Voyageur #147)

Upon first opening this wonderful cake the scent of caramel hit my nostrils in a wave.  This was very fitting, since this virginia and burley mixture looks like caramel, and even cuts and rubs to appear to be broken caramel.

Briar Fox packs beautifully, and lights easily, staying lit throughout without a lot of effort.

The first puff gives the impression of caramel coffee, one of my favourites, and holds that wonderful flavour nicely.

Approximately 15 minutes after lighting I experienced a small tongue bite, although I think that may be due to the excitement of it still holding the flavour, as I drew a little harder at that point.  Smoking with short draws or sips this tobacco can be enjoyed quickly, or allowed to cool off and longer draws can be taken without detracting from said enjoyment.

Lasting a full 30 minutes, with me having gotten excited over it, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I couldn’t help but imagine myself touring a well-known candy factory, and finding out the secret for myself.

The burn was fairly clean, a little bit of black ash mixed with the white.  Dottle was minimal and clean.

This tobacco can be purchased at:

As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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