The Taste of Success (Don Pepin Garcia Legado de Pepin Toro)

2014-08-29 20.57.02Well, I am sorry to report that I’m running out of my lovely Big Brand Showstopper Full-Bodied Sampler from Pipes and  Still, I thought the occasion of my very first book signing was certainly worth a good smoke, so I selected the Legado de Pepin toro by Don Pepin Garcia to enjoy after our celebratory dinner. It was a very attractive presentation with its simple but elegant label.  This lovely Nicaraguan puro was a dark Colorado colour with leafy veins and a smooth Corojo wrapper, aged five years according to what I’ve read, displaying noticeable but not outstanding seams. Online information tells me that the Legado de Pepin offers a Criollo binder and “a feisty Cuban-seed blend of long-fillers.” The pack was medium-firm (my favourite draw, generally,) and the wrapper note was almost purely chocolate with a hint of nutmeg.  It displayed a good and solid triple cap which punched easily and cleanly with my bullet punch.  The pre-light draw was like a mocha with nutmeg sprinkled on the top; very promising!

I lit the stick at about a quarter after nine in the evening.  Toasting the foot created a pleasant . . . well, toasty scent (I was too tired for metaphors,) somewhat akin to roasted chestnuts.  The initial draw was pure magic.  It was as though someone had taken a lightly chocolated mocha, sprinkled some nutmeg on top of it, and then they added caramel and a dash of pepper.  Mmmm . . . Damn good!  With a hint of fresh green to it, it reminded me of the hand-rolled Cuban I’d partaken of from the Havana Room rolling event (more to come on that in a future post).  I imagine that was probably the Cuban seed long-fillers I was tasting.  It was also deliciously oily and it soon revealed a strong nicotine content.

I was home and it was twenty minutes to ten when I finished the first third.  Even though I’d lit it slightly off-kilter in the dark in my van, it burned cleanly and evenly.  Naturally it lost a bit of that buttery element in the second third, revealing a strong nutmeg and oak flavour in its place, with a persistent undertone of coffee.

The cigar went out at about quarter after ten, giving me a total smoke time of about an hour, even shared with my partner.  I would rate it a consistently excellent smoke.  The final third revealed pleasant latte undertones with nutmeg and pepper elements.  It was strong and tasty and the even burn with fine white ash continued until it went completely out.  I felt that I really got a good bang for my buck!  I found it to be an excellent cigar, well worth its reputation, and certainly an appropriate smoke to celebrate success!  All in all, I give it:

4 stars

You can find this prince of cigars at Cigars International for $84.95 USD for a box of twenty in the Toro size; or at for 7.90 USD for a single.  You can also find it as part of the Big Brand Showstopper set, but all of those are now backordered at Pipes & Cigars; and I find myself wondering, am I to blame for that, at least in part? 😉

And that is a lady’s perspective!

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