Brown Army Men Under The Porch (Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired in a Parker Billiard Military Mount)


Old Dark-Fired  A bold flake of dark-fired burleys in a well balanced unity with Flue-cured Virginias.  This flake is Hot Pressed, meaning that during the pressing, heat is added by steam to the tobaccos which causes the tobacco to intensify the marrying process giving us a bolder tobacco.  The robust, earthy flavor of the dark-fired burleys shines through in the taste, and you will experience a deeply satisfying smoke indeed.

That’s what the back of the tin reads, sounds promising!

Opening the tin, I’m immediately enchanted by the sweet, fermented natural tobacco aroma, and by enchanted, I mean ENCHANTED!  If this tobacco tastes half as good as it smells, I know I’m going to be in for a serious treat!

The gold foil wrapped flakes of very dark brown, and tan, are arranged in the box in three 2/3 width stacks, and the moisture from the can has caused the center stack to stick together.  Again, I have to mention the aroma, wow!

Taking two flakes, I use the fold and stuff method to fill my Parker billiard military mount, and stop to sniff the can again.  Did I mention how good this tobacco smells?

Using a soft flame BIC lighter, I set the bowl to life and immediately fill the passenger compartment of my van with equally delicious smelling smoke.  My wife love the smell of this tobacco smoke so much that every time I light up a bowl she has to mention it, though she can never remember from bowl to bowl what I am smoking at has to ask each time.

The taste of this tobacco?  Just bloody incredible!

The tobacco is rich, sweet, and earthy, tasting much like fresh turned earth smells.

As I’ve said before, smell is the sense most strongly connected with nostalgic memory.  And our taste is about 70% smell.  So the smell/taste of this tobacco immediately reminds me of the taste of the air underneath the back porch of our house is a child where I would play brown army men.

You remember army men?  You probably had green army men.  That’s because the green army men represent the American soldiers, and the brown army men represent the British soldiers.  The green army men were dressed in American uniforms, and carried American weapons, whereas the brown army men wore British uniforms and carried British weapons.

Being a Canadian, I was fond of brown army men.

I mentioned the smell/taste to my husband, and he is the one that associated it with army men under the porch, which led us into the discussion of brown vs. green army men.

Even as small children, my hubby and I were loyal Canadian citizens.  When we played army men, the British soldiers were always the good guys and they always won!

I am willing to bet there are other colors of army men out there, to represent troops from other nations, red perhaps for Chinese troops, blue for French troops, that sort of thing, and I’m willing to bet that as a child you played with them under the porch.  I think that fresh turned earth smell has to be universal in the memories of small boys who are now older than 35.

In any event, the bowl took about an hour to smoke, though it remained cool and full-bodied throughout.  During the course of the bowl, I never ceased to be impressed by the flavour or aroma of this tobacco, and the nutty, Burley essences predominate throughout.

This tobacco tastes as good as it smells, and on top of it all has enough vitamin N to be satisfying.  To be honest, enough vitamin N to be electrifying!  Pipes and Cigars and Smoking Pipes both say this is among the strongest tobacco that you can buy.

On top of being a cool smoke, the tobacco is incredibly smooth, and completely without bite.

In the words of the parrot Iago from Aladdin by Disney, “no really, on a scale of 1 to 10, YOU are an 11!”

An instant favorite, I will most definitely be reaching for this tobacco again and probably very soon.

If you’re a flake fan, and you like Burley, you’re going to love this!

You can buy it in the 100 gram (3.5 ounce) size for about $13.35 USD from either or, and the latter has it in a 16 ounce box for $43.99 USD.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


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