A Quality Product Delivered (Weilongxin Crafts and Gifts Co., Ltd – Cigar Accessories)

About a month ago Kitty Yan from Weilongxin Crafts and Gifts Co., Ltd approached me through my LinkedIn connections to ask if I would be interested in receiving a catalog of their cigar accessory products.  At first, I was a little hesitant as I have received countless LinkedIn requests from E-cigarette manufacturers and distributors in China to connect.  However, I decided to take the chance, and boy am I glad I did!

No sooner had I agreed to accept their catalog, when Vincent Wong, Kitty’s assistant sent me an e-mail saying that they would like to send me a free humidor gift, and provided a catalog of about a dozen or so humidors to choose from.  I chose one, almost a random, still not believing that they were going to send me a free humidor.

Less than two weeks later, Purolator Courier showed up at my door with a box, and an invoice for $20.00 import fees.  In the box was this humidor;


The rich red and gold finish makes a stunning presentation with the gold-plated trimmings, and the product is obviously of some high quality.

The interior is made of fine Spanish cedar, and fits together with the precision of a top end product.

The accessory drawer slides easily, and presents ample room for your smoking needs.

Unfortunately, the postal service damaged the back of the humidor slightly, and left a slight mar on the finish, but that is hardly the fault of Weilongxin Crafts.

The humidifier fits snugly into the roof of the humidor, and the hydrometer is of great value and works wonderfully.

After preparing the humidor, it made the perfect storage place for my two freshly rolled Cuban cigars, and I immediately began stocking the humidor with additional sticks.

This particular model of humidor, the WLH – 0073, is available on their website and through their catalog for $54.00 USD plus $150.00 USD for shipping.

Though that may seem a little steep for shipping, it is good to remember that the humidor is coming from mainland China, and is made of solid wood.  If you ordered it from North America you would only pay about $50.00 in shipping but the humidor itself would cost you $150.

Though their website does not give prices, if you place an order with them, by providing contact information they will write you an e-mail and quote you a price.

Weilongxin Crafts and Gifts Co Limited makes humidors to fit whatever need you have, from small box models like the WLH-0009-25 for $18.50, wlh-0009-25slightly larger boxes like the WLHG-0004 ringing in that at $27.00, wlhg-0004and right on up to the WLHC-0014 for a very reasonable $522.  wlhc-0014As Vincent tells me, to some extent prices are flexible and depend on quantity ordered and customizations.

Overall, I am completely impressed with Weilongxin Crafts and Gifts Co., Ltd, as well as their customer service, communication, and expedience.

They come highly recommended by me, and I will probably order another humidor from them.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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