Vanilla Cream Loose Cut By Mac Baren Tobacco

by Jennica Duncan

“Vanilla Cream is a colorful blend, loose cut tobaccos with cut plugs. Manufactured from specially selected and aged Virginia tobaccos and then the modern Mac Baren black Cavendish. Then blended with an exceptional Vanilla flavour. This selection creates an outstanding blend with superior flavour, unique aroma and distinctive taste experience.”

Quote from the back of the tin.Vanilla cream

I was super excited when I got this tin of tobacco. Having spent my youth in the 90’s, when vanilla perfumes and body oils were the hot item to have, I naturally LOOOVE vanilla. I also love the all metal tins and find that they preserve the freshness best. The tin it’s self looks very sophisticated. As I closed my eyes and took my first sniff of the freshly opened tin, I momentarily forgot that I was smelling tobacco. I felt like I was opening a box of fine chocolates. I couldn’t wait to fill my pipe.

The tobacco was slightly sticky, as you would expect from an aromatic. The colors of the tobacco really do delight the eyes, especially after the initial sniff. The light and dark contrasts emphasize the effect that you are about to experience a really good chocolate. (I wonder if they did that on purpose?) I thought it looked mostly like wild cut tobacco with little pieces of flake mixed in.

I filled my pipe to the brim, sniffing as often as I could. I could not get enough of the smell of this tobacco. I took about 3 tries to get a good smoke going, and stayed lit for a good while. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to smoke this bowl. My first mouthful was divine! It was sweet and mild and took me about 10 minutes to experience any tongue bite. The smoke started out tasting like a vanilla cream puff, about half way through it morphed into a vanilla latte. When I got down to the last third of the bowl, the tobacco got quite bitter and strong. I couldn’t smoke very much past that. I’m not sure how much actual dottle was left as I couldn’t finish the bowl.

In my opinion, this would make a fine “after dinner mint.” The kind you spark up after a large meal while you drink your coffee and socialize with your guests.

Out of 10, I give Vanilla Cream by Mac Baren Tobacco a 7. (Points taken off for the bitter taste at the end.) I would, and have suggested this to other aromatic lovers.

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, you can get it online at

side_A_Can_Vanilla-loosecut_small    and a cornucopia of other fine retailers found on (or com)

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