Hard-Hitting (Punch Barenuckle Belicoso)

This was yet another part of that lovely Big Brand Showstopper Full-Bodied Sampler from Pipes and Cigars.com. This stick’s relatively compact size fit easily into my purse, so I was able to carry it around and wait for an occasion that called for a good smoke. This time I chose to indulge after a date hiking around Kalamalka Provincial Park.

The cigar is a pleasant dun colour with an attractive and simple blue label with raised lettering. It boasts an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper and long-fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua, It was a firm pack and the cap was a solid double that punched easily with my trusty bullet. The wrapper scent was of quality tobacco, cedar and earth, with a hint of cocoa. It torched without much need for encouragement (though it was a little dry; probably a hazard of the purse transport) and the first draw was almost pure tobacco with a touch of cedar and an earthy element, possibly patchouli.  Others reviews claimed it was an oily little cigar but I didn’t find that.  Perhaps it was dry.

If I have a major complaint about this cigar, it didn’t take long to smoke!  I finished the first third in about twelve minutes, at which point the tough little cigar took on a touch of pepper and possibly espresso.  I purged and continued.  It was also very, very strong.  Still not The Edge, but strong!  And addictive, I guess.  The second third was done in fifteen minutes, at which point the cedar came back and the espresso disappeared, and a leathery element made itself known.  The final third was smoked in another twelve minutes, for a total smoke time of thirty-nine minutes.

Again, perhaps it was dry.  I was carrying it around in my purse, after all.

But it was good!  Exactly what I wanted; a quick, strong, little smoke that I rather enjoyed!  It’s a good smoke but not very complicated.  It was exactly right to carry around in my purse for the proper opportunity and I enjoyed it for that reason.

It lit easily, stayed lit, drew perfectly, gave me no problems and definitely provided that hard-hitting jolt of nicotine to sweeten a day.

All in all:

4 stars

You can get the Bareknuckle almost anywhere.  Cigars International is currently offering a sale for a box of 20 at $69.95 USD, which is matched at Pipes & Cigars also.  Or the Belicoso is worth $8 USD for a single at Cigar.com.

That’s this lady’s perspective!

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