A Well-Chosen Name (Gurkha Crest Toro Gordo)

2014-08-22 17.14.26Well, I’ve finally come to the end of my Big Brand Showstopper Full-Bodied Sampler from Pipes and Cigars.com.  Last, but certainly not least, I pulled out the Gurkha Crest Toro Gordo; a natural lead-in to the other Gurkha cigars we have acquired for review.

The Gurkha Crest describes itself as a medium-bodied cigar; featuring a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long-fillers.  It’s a big baby, this one, with a rather large ring-gauge.  Upon opening the package I was greeted with a rich, dark scent that fully matched the Colorado maduro wrapper shade.  I liked the attractive red and gold label.  Its veins were delicate and its seams were smooth, though I was concerned because the maker had also created the ill-fated Gurkha Warlord.  I am sorry to say there was a white spot of mold on the wrapper, but it had obviously dried and was easily removed by scratching at it with a fingernail, leaving a tiny hole.

Again with the thick ring-gauge I didn’t dare to punch the Crest, so I sliced it cleanly with my double guillotine cutter.  It sliced perfectly, leaving a smooth semi-circle of tobacco in my hand.  The pre-light draw offered a yummy espresso overtone, and it promised to be nice and oily.  Toasting the foot filled the air with the distinctive scent of roasted coffee beans – my favourite!

I lit up at 5:20 pm.  The first draw was a true delight: dark, buttery, rich; and a lovely bitter flavour not unlike dark roast coffee, with a hint of pepper and earthy notes.  There was a unique starchy, earth taste that reminded me of biting into a raw, unpeeled potato.  I made a lot of mmmmm noises in the course of the smoke, so you know I had to be enjoying myself!

2014-08-22 17.50.07This cigar gives you a lot of bang for your buck; I didn’t finish the first third until five minutes to six.  At this point the Crest offered up a spicy, sweet aftertaste.  It almost succeeded in impressing Jamie, who is fully convinced that any non-Cuban cigar doesn’t quite cut it; so that’s worth noting.  I observed that unlike most cigars, it in no way acquired that nasty bitter aftertaste that I have come to expect as part and parcel of the second third; nor did it lose any of its buttery, oily lingering residue.  I decided that this feature alone earned it a full star on my rating system, since this is, to my experience to date, unique.  I should also mention that it ashed well and the slightly off-kilter light I’d started with corrected itself almost immediately.

I did not reach the final third until 6:30 pm.  By then it had started to fall apart a little bit.  Again the wrapper began coming a little loose, but did not yet interfere with the smoking of the cigar; though I admit, it may have been aided by the reinforcement of the label, which I left on the stick while smoking.  By then the Crest had also regained that distinct espresso tone, and the earthy potato flavour; and not once, not once, did it lose its buttery oil.  Fantastic!

At ten to seven the cigar went out, so I got a full hour and a half of enjoyment out of this fine smoke.  Even so I probably could have lit it up again.  My overall review: outstanding!  Again, it maintained that oil from start to finish.  It wasn’t at all bitter except in those initial draw, and that was a quite pleasant bitterness; and the second third was a delightful surprise.  Other than the fact that it began to break up a little near the end it was pristine and perfect.

There is one significant flaw in the Crest; and that is a relatively high comparative price point.  The Gordo is worth $10 USD each at Cigar International; but I will note, they are also almost completely out-of-stock.  I guess you get what you pay for!  However, if you enjoy the salomon cigar shape, I urge you to run, not walk, over to Pipes & Cigars and get yourself a box of ten, which is currently on sale for only $31.20 USD!

According to Dictionary.com, the word crest means:


1. the highest part of a hill or mountain range; summit.

2. the head or top of anything.

3. a ridge or ridgelike formation.

4. the foamy top of a wave.

5. the point of highest flood, as of a river.

6. the highest point or level; climax; culmination.

7. a tuft or other natural growth on the top of the head of an animal, as the comb of a rooster.

verb (used with object)

19. to furnish with a crest.

20. to serve as a crest for; crown or top.

21. to reach the crest or summit of (a hill, mountain, etc.).

verb (used without object)

22. to form or rise to a crest, as a wave or river.

23. to reach the crest or highest level:

Interest in the project has crested.

This is a crowning achievement of a cigar indeed!  And it was the culmination, or the climax, of my sampler.  So I give it:

Stars - 4 and a half Indeed, all meanings but numbers 3-5 and number 7 applied to this cigar; so “Crest” was a well-chosen name in this lady’s perspective.


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  2. I havent enjoyed the gurka its turned in to a budget cigar. Because of it structure and it doesn’t use quality Tabasco. Some places has it retailed for $100 – $140 for a 5 pack but they are marking it up so the customer is thinking they are getting a deal when the truth is gurkha cant hang with the big boys it’s a budget cigar for a reason…

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