Mild Autumn Nights (Sutliff Private Stock Country Estate in an Antique Kaywoodie Regent Lovat)


Lately, I’ve been having some trouble getting my head wrapped around reviews.  Whether this is due to ennui, or perhaps broken sleep, I am not certain.  In any event, it has caused me to actually miss a day, where nothing got posted, and so guiltily, I am up at 6:00 AM writing a review.

Recently, I purchased an Antique Dunhill Bruyere Billiard from Val Shannahan, and it has given me a little excitement over writing reviews involving my new pipe.  I also purchased an antique Kaywoodie from him you’ll see more on that later in this review.

Well, with Pipe Club having been only a couple of days ago, we opened up a new tin of Sutliff Country Estate, and passed it around to sample.

The tin note is, like the label says, smooth and sweet and reminds me of the fruity wine scent of another favorite Sutliff tobacco, Bacchanalia.  Everyone around the table was immediately impressed.

The tobacco, perhaps a little too moist, is still a lovely presentation of mostly black speckled with tan course-cut tobacco chunks, and loads it easily into all of our pipes.

In general, we find the tobacco difficult to keep lit, and many of us have to resort to re-lighting a few times.

But the taste is fantastic, mild and sweet, with just enough Virginia bite to make it interesting, and as the sun begins to set, the airy sweet room note surrounds us, and enchants even the non-smokers in the room.

Online I find this description;

An estate typifies elegance, vastness and wealth. Similarly this fine blend of four Black fire-cured tobaccos and Sweet Virginia portrays quality, depth, and rich flavor.

Quality, depth, and rich flavor indeed, I could seriously see myself smoking this on the back porch of a rancher, in the early autumn evening with a glass of port.

The draw on the pipe is one of the smoothest I’ve ever smoked only matched, perhaps, by the Dunhill, and unlike others I do not have the same trouble keeping the tobacco lit.

Also, the pipe remains cool and easy to handle.

The bowl burns rather quickly, and perhaps a little warm, though whether that is due to the smoker, or the tobacco, one cannot say.  But, after 25 minutes the bowl tapped out leaving no dottle, and it was strong enough to leave me sated.

Like all Sutliff tobaccos, if you go to Sutliff’s website, they will help you find a retailer either online or in the U.S.  Continent.

Otherwise, you can get it or for about $6.11 for a 1.5 ounce can.

I’ll probably order some more of this, for smoking in the evenings, and I definitely want to see how it ages.

In the meantime, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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