Tobacco Cellar Database for Android

Hey folks, have I got a find for you!

Many people are looking for a way to keep track of their tobacco cellar and share it with friends on their android based device.

I-<blank> has apps, specifically one called Pipe Tool that I hear is pretty good, but there is really nothing for android…  UNTIL NOW!

If you go to your Google play store, down load a free (advertising supported) app called Memento  <==follow the link

Once you have installed it, open the program and click the button to add a database


Add Library


From Online Catalog


Most popular

at the top of the screen for a drop down menu


Home and Hobbies

Locate the template called

“My Tobacco Cellar”

either the metric (standard) or Imperial (ounces) version by ErinMcRoy

download either/both of those and you are ready to start inputting your cellar.

Let me know what you guys think of the database and any improvements it could use.

Also, the Paid version of Memento costs $11 and is really unnecessary for general use, as all it does is gets rid of the advertising and has features for developers, so unless the advertising is bugging you, or you want to do some advanced editing, don’t bother with the paid version.

Enjoy the app and feel free to publish and share your cellars by posting links in the comments below, mine is available at ErinMcRoy#TobaccoCellar which you can access by clicking


Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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