Fit for a Sultan (Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto)

I was on a hot date when I thought I might continue sampling my Gurkha Five Card Stud Sampler from Pipes & Cigars.  The next stick on the list was the Centurian Double Perfecto.  I am given to understand that it was commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei before the recipe was released to the public (although I am sure his mix probably used Habano ligeros instead of Habano seed ligeros grown in the Dominican Republic, because only the US seems determined to insist on the ridiculous embargo against Cuban tobacco, even though the Cold War is long over, probably just because the US government collectively just can’t bear to apologize and admit they were wrong.  But I digress.

These are a limited edition cigar with a difficult double perfecto shape.  Because of construction problems with other Gurkha cigars I was a little worried.  But I shouldn’t have been.  The construction was perfect; not a vein or seam out of place.  The pack was solid and the wrapper was a rich Colorado shade Cameroon, dark and naturally fermented.  It was pre-clipped and ready to smoke.  The scent was deliciously buttery with a hint of spice.

Since the flavour was consistent and delicious through the entire smoke, I see no need to break it down into thirds.  But needless to say, the Centurian was a true pleasure to smoke.  The 60 ring gauge was unusually enjoyable; a rich, creamy coffee, tobacco and spice from start to finish, with no bitterness anywhere.  Others have remarked that the draw was a little firm at the beginning as it came through the small opening., but it improved as soon as the cigar widened out.  Full, rich flavour, medium-bodied so not overwhelming; just overall enjoyable.  The smoke is thick, billowing and voluptuous; definitely it should be smoked out of doors if you don’t want to offend the in-laws.

It took an hour and a quarter, all told, to finish the cigar; though I must own I did clip it halfway through after the burn-point and start it again later; a trick I learned from a friend of mine who’s in the military.  Perhaps it would have taken an hour and half to smoke if I hadn’t.  And it was rich, delicious, even luxurious, from start to finish.  Definitely a smoke fit for a Sultan.  But that’s where it flags a little.  It’s worth what they’re charging at $79.95 US for a mazo of six at Cigars International and (you can’t get it separately at Pipes & Cigars,) only a Sultan could afford it on a regular basis.

Overall I give it:

4 stars

This delicious smoke is well worth your time; and it’s worthy what they’re asking for, but the price point did cost it a little in my rating system.  That’s this lady’s perspective; but try it for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Fit for a Sultan (Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto)

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  2. I was extremely disappointed with this cigar. The entire wrapper came off by the time I smoked a quarter
    of the cigar. Had to throw it away by the time it hit the half way mark. Not what I expected from this brand. Never had problems with Gurkha before.

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