Road Trip!

Smoking Jacket Magazine is on a western Canadian road trip!  From the sunny Okanagan to the windswept high prairie of northern Alberta, northern Saskatchewan, the center of Canada, and back through the southern prairies then off to Vancouver Island for our final dates.  All of this to support Sable Aradia (A Lady’s Perspective) as she promotes her new book, The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power, available all over the Anglo sphere, through Amazon, Chapters, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, and others, as well as available in E-book through Kindle.  Show your support for our only female fulltime writer, and make it possible for her to continue writing for us, by buying her book.  In the meantime, look for updates on any tobacconist we find, any adventures we have, as well as our regular reviews, and stay tuned for the big double issue of Smoking Jacket Magazine coming out of the end of this tour at the beginning of November.

Look for a review of Burlington Tobacconist on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton Alberta as well as a review of one of their custom blends coming soon to your favorite magazine!

And while you’re reading;

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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