A Unique Habit (Review of Bell’s Three Nun’s)


A beautiful coupling of dark-fired Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos, cut into medallions.

I would have liked to catch the first tin note from this, however, the continuity tin note is that of caramel and fresh hay.

The medallions are quite unique in my experience, as this was the first medallion cut I’d run across.

Mostly dry when I got it, although I think it had been opened awhile, though still moist enough to rub and pack without too much effort. Lights easily.

The first few puffs carried a nice pairing of caramel and port, with a spicy undertone.  This flavour continued with the entire bowl, albeit slightly mellowed after a couple of minutes.

At about mid-bowl there was some slight gurgling, though I was able to mitigate that by sipping for a few minutes.  I find that this is a great short draw smoke, although the last half was less pleasurable, as it did start to bite back.

I would recommend this as an anytime smoke.

This tobacco is available for purchase at:

As always, smoke as you prefer, and I hope you find the tobacco that best suits you.

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